4 essential equipment for your ice cream shop

ice cream trailer
  • A professional cream machine
  • A professional ice cream display case
  • A professional chest freezer
  • A professional ice cream maker
  • Equip your ice cream parlor at Iceshop

In order to satisfy customers and provide professional services, you will need devices to equip your ice cream shop. These will be equipment that will help you prepare, protect, and present your products. Thus, you can prepare your ice creams in the kitchen and present them at the counter. For your ice cream kiosk and ice cream trailers or outdoor concession stands, here are the 4 virtual devices you need to have.

ice cream trailer

A professional cream machine

Chantilly cream is always welcome in an ice cream shop for lightness in the mouth. Italian ice cream and whipped cream present a beautiful duo. Add a professional whipped cream machine to your equipment to make your whipped cream. It is an electric device at the height of the production of quality creams. Pour a few liters of fresh cream into it according to the capacity that you are used to using in the kitchen.

Turn on the machine and wait for the cream to form. At the end of the preparation, take an ice cream cup to fill with whipped cream. It is also possible to accompany a fruit salad with this cream. The advantage of this device is that a model helps to prepare other things such as whipped cream or mousse. You will thus have several original products to present to your customers. Once empty, proceed to clean your machine with water.

A professional ice cream display case

When arranging the interior ice cream store, The products must be displayed well to attract the eyes of your customers, and By offering ice creams of different flavors is ideal for displaying them. The professional ice cream display case will serve as both presentation and protection for your ice creams.

Opt for a good quality ice cream display case for a professional service. You have choices before purchasing your display case. There is a showcase that is easy to move thanks to its wheels despite its heavy weight. To save space, You can put a display cabinet with a small size (width and height) higher on a table or a counter.

The use of the showcase is straightforward. All you have to do is fill the stainless steel trays with ice creams of different flavors. Turn on your electric display case to keep ice cream at the right temperature. It will be able to keep your preparation cold. Since the bins are not closed, the windows must be protected from external dirt. The showcase will serve as protection for the products inside.

The showcase can put the ice creams in full view thanks to its transparent windows. To serve your ice cream, you will need accessories such as stainless steel cleaning trays filled with water and steel ice cream scoops. You can have these accessories in the kitchen even if you are not a professional. The use of an ice cream display case is essential for ice cream professionals.

A professional chest freezer

The equipment in your kitchen must be complete to be able to offer a high level of service. If you have multiple customers in sight, your ability to serve them must be top-notch. Therefore, it is necessary to have both quality and quantity products.

If the amount of ice cream in your window is not enough for your customers, you need to reserve a few extra liters for each flavor. Opt for a professional chest freezer for your storage. Before buying it, look at the depth of its tank to see if it will be sufficient for your preparation. The seller will provide its capacity in liters.

Since it is a cold chest, please find out the temperature range it can offer. Usually, a freezer is an electric cooling device, and it will indeed have the right temperature for the conservation of your ice creams.

A professional freezer should keep the safety of each product despite its weight. A constant temperature is critical to maintaining the quality of ice cream. Wired Baskets are recommended as accessories for your freezer to classify your bins filled with ice cream according to flavor.

A professional ice cream maker

Speaking of ice cream, we already have in mind all-you-can-eat ice cream. To prepare ice cream, you will need a professional ice cream maker. most ice cream maker need to integrate in the the counters, some are in the kiosks.  This machine can provide both ice creams and sorbets. An ice cream maker is an easy-to-use electrical appliance. Just pour in the essential products, and the device is responsible for concocting the cream or sorbet. For the device to be able to supply a large quantity, opt for the purchase of a professional machine. Its production capacity will thus be at its maximum. You can treat Several liters in some time. Make sure that the tank depth of the device is at its maximum.

For successful homemade ice cream, start by preparing the ice cream products. Pour everything into the turbine. Switch on the machine so the turbine can gently mix the cream in the preparation tank. The cream will begin to take on a thick, creamy texture. This transformation is possible thanks to the tank being cooled at a low temperature. For the ice cream to form, it is necessary at the same time to mix the products and the action of the cold. The work of the device is finished. Fill your stainless steel bins. Clean the tank of the device with water if you are going to concoct another flavor.

You can put your preparation in the freezer to reinforce your stock or present it directly on your ice cream display case. Customers only have to choose the flavors they like, whether fruit or chocolate.

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With the 4 devices mentioned, you can already start your professional activity by selling kinds of cream-based desserts: ice cream and whipped cream. Offer a long list to delight your customers. The price of ice cream machines and other appliances depends on their quality and brand. For kitchen and sales equipment, outdoor kiosks, concession trailers or indoor ice cream carts you might as well choose a range referenced at MyFoodKiosk!

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