7 Tips on How to Layout a Coffee shop

The layout of a coffee shop is one of the key factors in creating a unique atmosphere and attracting customers. Here are 7 ideas for a well-conceived coffee shop layout. Help you create an exciting coffee space.

Tip1: Specify function zones

1. Operation area
Location selection: The operation area is set at the back or corner of the store to avoid customers directly seeing the chaotic work scene. But make sure there is good eye contact between the barista and the customer.
Equipment placement: Follow the process of coffee making. Reasonable arrangement of coffee machine, bean grinder, sink, refrigerator and other equipment location to improve work efficiency. For example, place the coffee maker near the sink for easy cleaning. The grinder is close to the coffee bean storage area, reducing movement.
Storage space: Ample cabinets and drawers in the operating area. Used to store coffee beans, cups, spices, cleaning supplies, etc.
2. Ordering area
Close to the entrance: Convenient for customers to order quickly upon entering the coffee store, reducing waiting time.
Display menu: Use a large chalkboard or electronic display to display an extensive coffee menu and specialty drinks. At the same time, you can display the day’s recommendations and promotions.
Cash register equipment: Ensure that the cash register is conveniently located. And plenty of room for cash, credit card machines, etc.
3. Guest area
Diverse seating: Different types of seating are available. Such as single sofa, double table and chair, multi-person long table, etc., to meet the needs of different customer groups. Seating with a view by the window can be set up for added appeal.
Comfortable layout: Keep enough space between seats so customers can sit and move comfortably. Avoid overcrowding, which may affect customer experience.

Tip 2: Create a comfortable atmosphere

1. Lighting design
Overall lighting: Use soft and even base lighting. Such as chandeliers or ceiling lights to ensure that the entire space is bright.
Key lighting: Set up bright spotlights in the ordering area, operation area and display shelf to highlight key points. In the guest area, desk lamps or wall lamps can be used to create a warm atmosphere.
Color adjustment: Choose the right lighting color according to the theme and style of the coffee shop. Warm yellow lighting usually creates a warm, cosy feel and is suitable for most coffee shops.
2. Color matching
Main color selection: Choose a main color, such as brown, beige, green, etc., to give people a warm, natural feeling. Avoid colors that are too bright or harsh.
Complementary colors: Add layer and vitality with one or two complementary colors. For example, with brown as the main color, you can match light wood and dark green.
Wall treatment: You can choose to paint environmentally friendly paint, paste wallpaper or use wooden wall panels to increase the texture and warmth.
3. Music selection
Style matching: Choose music according to the atmosphere of the coffee shop, such as classical music suitable for elegant environment. Jazz music is good for a relaxed atmosphere, and folk music is good for a cozy shop.
Moderate volume: The music volume should not be too large, so as not to affect the communication between customers. But not too small, to create a certain atmosphere.

Tip 3: Optimize space use

1. Vertical space
Install hanging cabinets: Install hanging cabinets above the operation area and storage area. Increase storage space without taking up floor space.
Use the height: If the store is high, mezzanine can be set up as storage or staff rest area.
2. Corner space
Create corner booths: Set up comfortable booths in corners. It can make full use of space and provide customers with relatively private seating.
Arrange decorative shelves: Place decorative shelves in corners. Display coffee-related books, magazines, artworks, etc., to enhance the cultural atmosphere.

Tip 4: Create interactive experiences

1. Coffee bar
Set up bar seating: Set up a row of barstools in front of the coffee bar. It allows customers to watch the coffee making process up close and communicate with the barista.
2. Display area
Coffee bean display: Set up a coffee bean display area. Show coffee beans of different origin and roasting degree, introduce coffee knowledge and culture.
3. Message wall
Set up a message wall: Set up a message wall in the store so customers can leave their feelings, wishes or suggestions for the coffee shop.

Tip 5: Consider customer needs

1. Charging facilities
Install sockets: Install sockets near each seat for customers to charge their electronic devices.
2. Wi-fi
Provide stable Wi-Fi: Ensure that the wireless network signal in the store is stable and fast to meet the needs of customers to surf the Internet for work or play.
3. Bathroom Settings
Complete facilities: Provide clean washbasin, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other basic facilities. And keep the bathroom clean and ventilated.

Tip 6: Incorporate nature

1. Planting arrangement
Houseplants: Put a variety of green plants in the coffee store. Such as green plants, spider plants, succulents, etc., can not only beautify the environment, but also purify the air.
Vertical greening: if conditions permit. Vertical greenery can be installed on walls or columns to increase the green area.
2. Use of natural materials
Wooden furniture: Choose wooden tables, chairs, bar and other furniture, giving people a natural, warm feeling.
Stone decoration: Use stone as floor or wall decoration. Such as marble, granite, etc., increase the texture and natural atmosphere.

Tip 7: Pay attention to detail and personalization

1. Feature decoration
Collect old things: Collect some vintage coffee utensils, old photos, vintage posters, etc. As a decoration in the store, increase the story.
Handmade: Display some handmade art. Such as yarn weaving, pottery works, etc., reflect the unique taste.
2. Personalized identification
Store Name Design: Design a unique and creative store name logo. Make it visible both outside and inside the store.
Brand image: Through a unified brand image, such as cups, packaging, staff uniforms, etc., to convey the coffee shop’s personality and values.

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