9 Steps to start an outdoor coffee kiosk business

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Has it always been your dream to open an outdoor coffee kiosk business? How to start a cafe stand for outdoor? Do you already have a promising concept in mind, or are you still looking for THE idea for something extraordinary? In this article, you will find examples of great outdoor coffee kiosk concepts and instructions on the most critical start-up steps for opening your outdoor cafe.

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1, The Most Important Thing

 First, think of the most important thing: Catering entrepreneurs are also affected by their start-up projects. The main reason is the misjudgment of the new founders concerning their technical and business knowledge. Therefore, do not rush into your project blindly, but take the information about the required understanding seriously and ideally close any knowledge gaps in advance. Learning by doing should not be your motto here! Unfortunately, damage can also quickly threaten your start-up project – so don’t forget to deal with the subject of insurance in good time.

Think more before you start to go. Also, be prepared that it will take a while for the coffee shop to boom. Therefore, in addition to composure and resilience, you should also have sufficient financial resources to bridge this initial period. You won’t want to see all the investment gone just right before the shop start to make money. Targeted marketing measures can ensure that word of your opening gets around faster and your customer base grows.

2, Be unique

Do not do the same tase with your neighbours. The be-all and end-all is a unique idea if you want to realize your own outdoor coffee kiosk successfully. Whether confectionery bar, coffee shop, frozen yogurt kiosk, ice cream booth, drive-thru cafe or stand-up outdoor coffee kiosk – you will find various offers on every corner. For guests to come to you, you should offer them something they can’t get anywhere else. For example, you can open a vegan outdoor cafe or only use organic and fair trade products for your offer. You might even make your treats using grandma’s traditional recipes – endless possibilities.

3, Capital requirements: How much money do you need to run a coffee shop

Undoubtedly the most significant expense of your start-up project comes to you at the beginning of your outdoor coffee kiosk opening. The initial costs are determined in particular by the location. It is usually less expensive to take over an existing outdoor coffee kiosk because, in most cases, you can remove the existing equipment for a fee. It also simplifies bureaucratic procedures to continue an existing outdoor coffee kiosk.

If, on the other hand, you want to implement your vision of the design and contribute your creativity, there will be costs for conversion measures and renovations. Changes in size, room layout or functionality also make further visits to the authorities necessary. To do this, you must apply for a building permit or change of use, and a provisional restaurant permit is impossible. 

Another cost driver is the purchase of new furniture and pottery. To reduce costs, find out about suppliers of used gastronomic equipment, for example. A second-hand fridge or stove may not be at the expense of your design concept. But pay attention to trustworthy dealers, granted guarantee periods, and issue invoices. In the meantime, You also need to consider food and beverage expenses. Especially at the beginning, it is about wholly reordering inventory and supplies. After the opening, consumption and empirical values ​​will determine purchasing. These expenses are then part of your regular cost items.

In addition, there are also the expenses for ongoing operations such as rent or lease, energy and water consumption, telephone and Internet, GEZ and GEMA, as well as personnel. You should also not forget to plan for flat-rate machine care and maintenance costs, financing costs for operating and office equipment, insurance premiums and the like.

Generally, starting a standard-size (10x10ft) outdoor kiosk costs around $ 30,000. The cost will be higher if you are building a large restaurant or renting a high-competition place.

4, Location search: Where do you want to open your outdoor coffee kiosk?

In addition to a unique concept, the location of your outdoor coffee kiosk also plays a central role. As an outdoor coffee kiosk owner, you naturally have your regular customers. Still, you are usually also dependent on passing customers: the right location is, therefore, crucial for the success of your outdoor coffee kiosk! Choose an area that is easy for your target group to reach and that many potential guests will pass by. At best, offer your parking facilities.

Another key to success is competition research. How is the competition at your potential location? The best way to answer this question is to conduct a competitive analysis. Make your decisions based on these results. If there are already two outdoor coffee kiosks on the street, there is a high probability that a third one will have good business. You only increase the pressure on yourself and your competitors and make your start unnecessarily tricky. And avoid hasty decisions!

cafe kiosk for outdoor

5, Create a business plan 

Once you have found a business idea, you need to write it down in the form of a business plan. You subject your business model to an initial critical examination and create a roadmap for the next few years of your independence. A business plan is essential if you plan a coffee shop franchise or want to implement your coffee trailers idea. Why should you do this? You specify your project and formulate your start-up concept in a business plan. This way, you can determine whether your business idea can be implemented and economically viable. And you answer the most critical questions, for example, concerning target group and unique selling proposition. You are well prepared for discussions with future business partners and lenders. Questions about this will be answered in the start-up consultation, but feel free to try to put your business idea on paper in advance. 

6. Get Permissions

Whether to start an indoor coffee kiosk in a mall or To set up your outdoor coffee kiosk, you must apply for business registration at your responsible government office. There is an administration fee for this, and different places will charge an additional amount, which can vary regionally (up to 40 euros). The issuance of the trade license is usually relatively quick and is completed within a few days. Your planned hospitality service will determine whether you need a restaurant license to operate the catering service. For example, the sale of alcoholic beverages requires a permit.

7. Choose Your coffee shop name and Design Your logo

Another thing that should not be neglected is the name of your outdoor cafe. You’ve probably thought about it from time to time. And You mustn’t rush this decision. The best shop name will give your client a deep impression, and people can easily remember it. Once you set the name, it stays until you close your business.

There are also legal components to consider. For example, a distinction is made between the company’s name and the gastronomic object’s name. When choosing a word, you should also take into account that the name fits your concept, is original and complies with legal requirements,

The shop logo is also crucial in the coffee shop business; whether you are starting a coffee booth on the street or starting a coffee stand in the mall, the bright LED backlit LOGO will attract customers from a long distance. The impressive sign will leave the customer with a deep impression. 

8, Promote Your cafe business: Draw attention to yourself!

Since you cannot rely only on regular and passing customers, you have to consider measures to draw other target groups’ attention to your outdoor coffee kiosk. There are several options available to you that do without a large budget:

  • Traditional marketing ideas: For example, before the start of your cafe, you can promote your opening ceremony via flyers. Not in vain, but placing an ad in city guides, scene magazines, or student magazines can be very effective.
  • Fairs & Markets: Depending on your gastronomic offer, you can also participate in regional food fairs/markets. There you can attract the attention of both customers and the media.
  • Loyalty & discount campaigns: Loyalty and bonus cards are also simple but effective and will keep your guests coming back to you. You can also use discounts or free promotions in your coffee shop.
  • Online marketing: You can mainly use social networks to attract customers on the Internet. This is free but requires some time and site maintenance. Via FacebookPinterest and Instagram, you can let your outdoor coffee kiosk and your gastronomic offer have a visual impact and seek direct conversation with your guests.

9. Secure your coffee shop properly

Protect your outdoor coffee kiosk and your professional existence. Last but not least, you should not forget to secure your outdoor coffee kiosk: we strongly recommend that you take out public liability insurance that covers property damage and personal injury to third parties.

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