Candy kiosks are kids’ favorite , you will notice almost shopping center will have a special area for display candy .There are even specialized candy stores for selling different kinds of sweet candy .If you are planning to open a candy kiosk , you can find a suitable candy kiosk design here, we can design and build candy kiosk, candy kiosk franchise,candy kiosk for sale , candy kiosk Copenhagen, sweet candy kiosk displays and more.

Candy has stable consumer demand and consumer groups. Some important festivals, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Children’s Day, people will buy a lot of candy. Candy is also a must for weddings and some festive occasions. The main consumers of confectionery are children and young adults. So every year the sales of candy are increasing substantially. When you walk down the street you will find many candy shops. If you also want to start your own candy business, but are just starting out and have insufficient funds, you can choose to open a candy kiosk. Candy kiosk only needs a tiny place. Because used to sell candy, the main customers are Children, so as usually candy kiosk will use many bright colors,also will add some attractive candy posters for advertising.

Sweet kiosk design

Candy kiosk needs to allow customers pick up candies and nuts they like freely. So around the kiosk will have many display shelves to put candy boxes. Under each shelf as usually will install led light strip to illuminate the display area. The inside will need have storage cabinets to put stock, when night, the candy boxes also need to put inside the cabinets. A cash counter also necessary, it as usually putted near the entrance or where easy to be find by people. To attract customers, you can put some TVS to play video. On the kiosk surface you can put some nice posters and light boxes for advertising. When sell candies, you can also sell some drinks and snacks.

Candy business is a lucrative option

  • No need for a machine

Usually they sell candies in direct packaging, you just need to buy some acrylic boxes and you can start your business.

  • No need to cook, you can sell directly

You just need to pack the candies into candy boxes for people to choose from, it’s very simple and doesn’t require a lot of stuff.

  • High profit

Wholesale prices for sweets are low. When selling candy, the merchants sell it by KG, and on average, the price of each candy will be 2-3 times higher than the wholesale price. Therefore, the profit margin of candy is still relatively large.

  • Fixed consumer demand

Candy is often used to celebrate some festivals, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Children’s Day and so on. Weddings will also require a lot of candy, and there is a fixed consumption demand every year.

How to open a mall candy kiosk business?

  • Taste determines the market

When running a candy business, the choice of flavor is very important. We also need to prepare more varieties of candies, so as to meet the requirements of more customers. In addition to selling some packaged candies, bulk candies, you can also sell some lollipops, snacks, snacks.

  • Store location is the key

The consumers facing the candy store are mainly children, so the store can be selected near the school or in the street market with high traffic flow. In terms of site selection, try to choose a place with a high concentration of young people, near the university is the most suitable; do some activities and promotions around Valentine’s Day, especially on some festivals.

  • Order the sweet kiosk

The candy kiosk is where you display and store candy, it’s very important. So you need to find a professional design team to help you design this kiosk. Then find a professional manufacturer to help you produce this kiosk.

  • Do some promotions

If you want to run a candy kiosk well, we also need to do some discounts and profits, so as to attract more customers.

What should you pay attention to when customize your candy kiosk?

  • Color matching

Candy cabinets generally use colorful color combinations to attract customers.

  • candy kiosk design Candy decoration

You can add some lollipop models, some candy pictures and posters to your candy kiosk, which can play a good publicity effect.

  • Storage location

Storage location is also very important. Inside the kiosk you can make some locker doors and drawers.

  • Lighting

The role of lighting in display is self-evident. Light strips should be added under each layer of the laminate, and some spotlights can also be added on top.

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