BBQ Kiosk

The outdoor barbecue kiosk is a new type of small restaurant for leisure and entertainment, mainly focusing on snacks and various barbecues. People love to have BBQ with friends in their leisure time, so starting an outdoor BBQ kiosk is an excellent idea to earn money. Outdoor BBQ shops include many forms, for example, BBQ push carts, mobile fast food bikes, BBQ trailers, mobile BBQ trucks, and so on. Besides, you can choose a suitable outdoor kiosk according to your budget and requirements. Remember to decorate it according to your ideas; this will make your BBQ shop outstanding. No matter the size of your store, you can get the food stall you want at My Food Kiosk. Our designers will provide a unique 3D design that is entirely according to your store size, decoration style, and brand concept. Browse the BBQ stall below for more design options. You can also tell us your ideas to customize a unique outdoor food kiosk.

As a BBQ stall for outdoor use, it is like a snack bar for outdoor use. You can set up door signs, price lists, promotional posters, and daily recommendation blackboards. People usually like to start their barbecue activities in the afternoon or even in the evening. So adding neon lights to your BBQ trailer is necessary, and your shop will also stand out. Also, if space permits, you can set up dining tables and chairs. Where guests can sit and enjoy a delicious meal. Of course, don’t forget to rent a good location and get business licenses and permits. It will make your business more sustainable.

Advantages of Outdoor BBQ Stall

The grill kiosk keeps rain out and protects the food concession kiosk from the wind. It ensures guests have barbecue fun in any weather. The roof is weatherproof and waterproof. Smoke vents allow harmful gases to escape, thereby maintaining health. Whether your business is in a park or a snack street, an outdoor kiosk barbecue stand helps a lot. The outdoor kiosk has a workbench, lockers, sinks, and electric boxes. And you can also place a freezer to keep the food fresh.

Materials for BBQ kiosk

1. Support material

The main column of the outdoor barbecue kiosk is made of a 304 stainless steel plate. That is bent into a fan-shaped column with a thickness of 1.2mm. Strong enough and has a strong bearing capacity.

2. Inner wall decoration

The inner surface decoration of the BBQ kiosk is made of plywood with a heat-insulating cotton interior for wall decoration. It has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, and moisture resistance. There are five layers of wall panels, which can effectively protect the safety of staff.

3. Sales windows

The windows are made of stainless steel sliding windows. So we use 8-mm tempered glass to make it, and the four sides are sealed with rubber strips. They are not leaking and have a good sound insulation effect.

4. Roof

The ceiling is decorated with high-quality aluminum-plastic panels, which are convenient for installation, embedding, and suspending ceiling lights. Roller shutters and accessories can also be hidden in the ceiling, which customers can’t see from outside.

5. Ceiling light

There are two energy-saving ceiling lamps in the kiosk. We can also reserve places to place cameras and decorative light strips. Besides, the top of the kiosk is equipped with an air-conditioning rack with an indoor unit socket inside. Convenient for installing air conditioning, range hoods, and other equipment.

6. Circuit plan

The circuit in the booth is in strict accordance with the customer’s international standards to meet the voltage and export standards of your country. Configuration: leakage protector and air switch.

7. Service counter material

White aluminum composite panel with an artificial stone counter table, which makes the street food kiosk feel clean and generous. This kind of material gives the BBQ booth a strong structure. And it’s perfect for outdoor use and can withstand complex and changing climates.

8. Workbenches

The workbenches are all stainless steel workbenches. Includes barbecue counters, ingredient counters, drawers, etc. Reasonable layout, easy to use, and improved work efficiency.

9. Floor

The floor in the kiosk is made of PVC floor, which is non-slip and waterproof.

Outdoor BBQ stall in My Food Kiosk

My Food Kiosk Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, production, and sales of outdoor food kiosks. Our company provides a complete set of outdoor food concession kiosks based on the principle of customer consideration. So that the owner can start their business right away without complicated installation or additional decoration. Moreover, our company constantly pursues product quality and service to win unanimous praise from customers all over the world. In the future, we will continue to provide beautiful and practical BBQ kiosk design and production solutions for more businesses to achieve a win-win situation.