Bbq Trailer

Are you looking for a BBQ trailer? A mobile food cart is a new type of business idea. Once put on the market, it is popular because the food trailer can move freely and is light and fast to use. It has complete functions and integrates various snacks such as barbecue, frying, teppanyaki, and mala tang. The BBQ trailer’s design is to help attract customers and increase turnover. The mobile fast food cart is good to use in leisure squares, pedestrian streets, stations, docks, campuses, celebration venues, stadiums, and tourist attractions. You can drive trailers to suburban towns to enhance business. The car reflects its publicity, distribution, on-site sales, and value of promotional activities, making it suitable for the image promotion of large and small enterprises. Choose from My Food Kiosk’s unique BBQ trailers.

Mobile BBQ trailers are a product of today’s economic and social development, and their strong liquidity can help stores start their business smoothly. You can decide for yourself where to start your business and even change locations every day. The food concession trailer is equipped with ice cream machines, hot and cold beverage machines, milk tea machines, coffee machines, refrigerators, and other food machinery to make hot and cold beverages, fried ice, milk tea, coffee, fresh juice, ice cream, etc. and sell them on-site. No matter what your business is, you can start with a BBQ trailer.

BBQ trailer styling

coffee trailer

The mobile food cart is small, flexible, fresh, and eye-catching. The overall design of the food trailer is a wingspan shape, which makes it convenient to open and close the food shop from the side. By spreading the wings, they can be used as an umbrella. It can block the sun and rain. The rear of the car and the two wings There are lanterns and ribbons on the edge, providing lights that are open at night. The small and exquisite car allows you to park and operate freely at different places and times, ensuring the convenience of business and facilitating your business, no matter where you are. A beautiful scenery, giving the impression of fashion, vitality, and dynamism.

Mobile fast food trailer advantages:

  1. The business site is flexible and changeable, and with strong optionality, you can open anywhere to get good business.
  2. Low start-up cost. There is no need for high storefront rent, low site cost, a small footprint, or high transfer fees, rental fees, decoration fees, or other expenses.
  3. Diversified business model, no off-peak season, no operation So the operators can cooperate with major food brands to operate flexibly.
  4. Long service life: good quality, waterproof, rust-proof, no abnormal noise. Low cost of comprehensive use.

BBQ trailer material:

The forehead of the entire mobile BBQ shop cart uses iron or fiberglass. Besides, the thickness of the outer plate is 1.2 mm cold-rolled plate, and the middle is a light steel dragon skeleton. And it has 3 mm of flame-retardant thermal insulation foam. The counter inside the box uses 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is clean, hygienic, and easy to clean.

The ground interior is a non-slip aluminum checkered plate and waterproof floor mat. The material of the flap is stainless steel, and the outer cold-rolled plate uses an aluminum-plastic plate. Besides, the pneumatic telescopic rod is open. The left and right sides of the BBQ kiosk  and the back door is open according to the customer’s requirements.

The BBQ trailer also includes external power cords, door locks, side door latches, lamps, spotlights, switches, sockets, and pull-out steps. Moreover, the hardware accessories include hinge devices, hydraulic struts, box ceiling lights, sealing strips, etc. It is perfect for outdoor use.

BBQ food trailer power supply scheme

  1. When conditions permit, it connects to an external power supply. The exterior of the body has an external power plug and a 15-meter external power cord. And power sockets are installed inside the body for machines to use.
  2. Self-contained diesel or gasoline generator for the equipment to use electricity.
  3. Equipped with a battery and an inverter for power supply according to the power of the equipment on the vehicle.

Why Choose BBQ trailer in My Food Kiosk

My Food Kiosk provides customers with high-quality outdoor food concession trailers, BBQ trailers, coffee trailers, and outdoor kiosks. Besides, our purpose is to strive for survival through quality. Treat people with integrity, manage with words, offer high quality at a low price, and pay attention to efficiency. If you are going to open a BBQ trailer outdoors, contact us and get your food trailer to start the business.