Beaches are very popular and places where people like to play and vacation. Opening an outdoor kiosk on the beach is a good choice, because there is a lot of traffic and high purchasing power, and you don’t have to worry about turnover. So what kind of business can you do on the beach? When people go to the beach to play, they usually need swimming rings, swimsuits and swimming equipment, and of course they also need water, food and drinks. People also like to buy special souvenirs and accessories. So the business opportunities on the beach are very diverse. You can open an outdoor food kiosk, a street food trailer, a food cart or you can also open an outdoor retail kiosk to sell swimming accessories, swimwear and so on.

Beach kiosk materials

Material introduction:

1) Support column: The column is welded with 100*100*3mm galvanized square tube, which is solid.

2) Frame: Welded with galvanized square tube as keel.

3) Wall: Galvanized sheets and galvanized square tubes are composed of studs and thermal insulation materials.

4) Inner ceiling: pvc decorative ceiling.

Outdoor beach hut types

If you walk on the beach, you will find many outdoor kiosks selling food. It is a good choice to open an outdoor food kiosk. You do not have to pay rent or spend money on renovations.

If you prefer an outdoor mobile kiosk, you can opt for a mobile food trailer. Mobile food trailers are usually made of galvanized sheet metal and stainless steel and can be connected to trucks to move them. You can freely change the location.

If you are just starting and your budget is very small, you can choose to open a small food cart or trolley. They come with wheels, and their size is small, so you can move them to different locations.

Besides selling food and drink, you can also sell some products. You can also sell some accessories, swimwear, swimming equipment, hats, souvenirs, and more. You can open an outdoor retail kiosk to start your business.

Beach kiosk features

  • Rainproof, sun protection, anti-corrosion

The outdoor pavilion’s material needs special consideration because it is utilized outdoors. Typically, beach kiosks are made of materials that are resistant to rain, sun, and rust. The ideal materials are stainless steel and galvanized sheet.

  • Thickened plate, sturdy and durable

Our outdoor kiosks are made of stainless steel or thicker metal, both of which are incredibly strong and long-lasting.

  • Wide range of applicable scenarios, applicable to a variety of scenarios

Beach kiosks can be used in neighborhoods, squares, outside of shopping malls, parks, and schools in addition to on the beach.