Mall Beer kiosk

Are you looking for a beer kiosk for your mall business? Most people relax by drinking and making new friends. Now is the best time to start a beer kiosk. There are many types of wine, such as red wine, brandy, whiskey, beer, rice wine, champagne, and so on. Different wines have different tastes and different storage methods. No matter what kind of beer kiosk you plan to open, you can find a good solution at My Food Kiosk. Wine kiosks are usually finished in wood grain to create a high-end atmosphere and elevate the level of the beer store. We can add wall cabinets, draft beer display cabinets, bar counters, etc. to make your wine kiosk look better. In the family, wine cabinets have also become an indispensable landscape in the restaurant. The different wines it displays are colorful, which can add a lot of gorgeous colors to the restaurant and whet people’s appetites. View wine kiosk designs below.

Beer kiosks are very common in bars and restaurants; they usually have seating areas and bar chairs where people can sit and have a good drink. The beer kiosk in the shopping mall has more of a display function, which makes it convenient for customers to choose and buy. We can also see wine cabinets in supermarkets and retail stores. The wine cabinet in the home is not only a beautiful decoration but can also help you better preserve the wine. Whether you need a beer kiosk in the mall or a wine cooler for decoration, my food kiosk can meet your requirements. View restaurant designs here

Mall beer stall size

Beer store cabinet in the mall

The size of the Beer kiosk is determined by the location you rent, and usually, the shopping mall has clear regulations on the height and width of a single counter, so we only need to make the beer booth according to the requirements of the mall. Considering the commercial use, the wine cabinet in the bar consists of two parts: the height of the working counter is 600mm and the thickness is about 500mm; the height of the top display cabinets is not more than 2000mm and the thickness is not more than 350mm. If beer bottle cabinets are connected to the bar, the height of the bar is usually between 1000 and 1200 mm. To facilitate access to wine, the distance between the wine cabinet and the bar is about 900mm. Before the beer booth decoration, be sure to measure accurately to determine the size of the wine cabinet. The design of the beer bottle kiosk should also be based on the principle of practicality. It should not only pursue beauty but also coordinate with your brand concept to enhance your brand image.

beer kioskWine cabinet size:

The size of the wine cabinet is not so easy to determine. It has different sizes according to different needs. But there are generally the following two points: male users adapt to a height of 1.2–1.9 m, and female users adapt to a height of about 1.1–1.8 m. The thickness is about 30–40 cm, the gap is about 30–40 cm, and the active area of the human body is about 45cm, so the overall design space should be about 1.06–1.27 m. You can customize it according to your own needs.

Home wine cooler

For wine cabinets placed in the living room, we need to consider the living room’s decoration style. It is best to design according to the location of the wine cabinet. It is very important to choose a wine shelf with a moderate height. First, it is to avoid the high center of gravity of the wine cabinet, which will cause safety hazards. Second, it is convenient to take wine bottles. If you consider the embedded wine cabinet, you need to consider the load-bearing capacity of the wall and whether it will affect its use.

Mall wine kiosk & coffee kiosk

  • Material selection

Wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, MDF medium fiberboard, and plywoodlarge core board, generally using MDF baking paint or externally affixed with solid wood grain decorative panels, silver mirrors, and other finishes.

  • Lighting selection

LED brilliant lamps and ordinary pillar-type spotlights have a color tone of cold light source lamp, or warm color lamp according to the color temperature standard.

  • Glossy baking paint:

The showcase is completed in an orderly manner, from proofing to cutting to cutting to painting and packaging. Choose the high-level environmental protection paint; the hand feeling is smooth, the color is uniform, the gloss is good, the effect of the baking paint can be as bright as the mirror, and the bright and matte can be optional, according to customer requirements.

  • Internal structure:

The hardware accessories are perfectly combined with the wooden structure. The circuit wiring inside the showcase will be used for a long time by the cosmetic acceptance requirements and the cabinet body.

Wine kiosk in My Food Kiosk

My Food Kiosk is a professional manufacturer of wine coolers. We provide professional 3D design, production, installation, and transportation services. No matter when you plan to open, we can provide custom beer kiosk services. Contact us for more designs and quotes.