Beverage Kiosk

Do you want to open a beverage kiosk in the mall? A beverage kiosk is a very popular business where people can buy various types of food and beverages such as cola, freshly squeezed juice, milk tea, smoothies, milk pastries, and so on. The bubble tea kiosk has display counters, workstations, checkout counters, beverage storage areas, and work areas. A food kiosk can accommodate 1-6 people working at the same time, depending on the size of your rental location. At the same time, choosing a reasonable layout is also very important because you can place all the items according to your personal habits and improve work efficiency. As an indoor food kiosk, a beverage booth usually has height restrictions. If you need ceiling decoration, please let us know in advance, and we can design support rods for the ceiling at the appropriate counter location. You can also attach the roof to the mall ceiling with the approval of the mall manager. Below are some popular beverage shop layout designs for you to get more ideas.

For merchants, choosing a unique beverage booth is helpful for business. Because people will notice your store and remember your brand right away. So it would help if you spent some time and effort designing a food kiosk and incorporating your brand and business philosophy.

Matters needing attention when choosing a custom beverage food stall

1. Decide product and brand positioning

Your product and brand determine the decor of the beverage kiosk. Because your brand positioning is determined by your target customer group, a food restaurant that matches the customer’s aesthetic will bring in more traffic and profit. And it is helpful for businesses to build their own brands.

2. Choose a reasonable counter layout

We need to lay out the beverage kiosk according to the store’s location. Usually, the front of the counter faces the direction of customers, so people can find you the first time. Such as shopping mall entrances, elevator entrances, exits, etc. We can even design the beverage kiosk to be open so people can discover it from all angles. If your store is irregularly square or triangular, please send us the floor plan; the design will help you arrange the counter layout reasonably according to your location.

Color matching of the beverage shop

  • Blue with white

Blue gives a feeling of being in a good mood. The combination of blue and white makes the beverage stall look high-end and creative. Blue with sea waves can also add brilliance to your juice bar kiosk. You can also choose other colors to pair with blue for a unique effect.

  • Wood grain color with white

Wood grain color has become a popular color recently. The log color can give people a natural and harmonious store atmosphere and create a simple and high-end effect. Whether you choose wood grain veneer, lamination, or solid wood strip, your shop will have a bright look.

  • Use stones and greenery for decoration

Stones are often used to decorate countertops, and they protect the worktop. We can also use stone and tile to decorate counters and walls. In addition, the use of green plant decoration is also a major feature of beverage kiosks, giving people the feeling of being close to nature. And they can also help you create a feeling of freshness.

  • According to juice product color

A food kiosk is a good idea to match the color of the ingredients so people can deepen their impression of you and choose to buy it in the first place. For example, if your product is orange juice, choose an orange color as the main color. And when you sell cola, you can choose a brown color for the decoration.

About My food kiosk

No matter what kind of beverage kiosk you need, you can find a reasonable solution at My Food Kiosk. Because all our food kiosks are designed according to the merchant’s idea and at the same time meet the requirements of the shopping mall for display cabinets, If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. If you have a clear idea, you can tell us the first time, and our design team will give you a 3D design plan. When you have the final solution, you can send us a quote for production.