Bread shop generally need what furniture equipment

1. Baking equipment

The core of a bakery is baking, so quality baking equipment is essential.

First, the oven. There are many types of ovens, common are electric ovens and gas ovens. Electric oven is easy to control the temperature, suitable for small bakeries. Gas oven heating fast, relatively low cost, suitable for large-scale stores. For example, a multi-layer electric oven can bake multiple batches of bread at the same time, increasing production efficiency. It has precise temperature control and good thermal insulation. It ensures that the bread is heat evenly, and the color and taste of the toast are ideal. Flour mixer is also one of the key equipment. It can reduce the manual and surface labor intensity, and make the quality of the dough more stable. A high quality flour mixer, mixing through multiple directions. It allows the dough to blend well enough to achieve the desired stringency.

Fermentation tanks are essential to the making of bread. It can provide a stable temperature and humidity environment to ensure the dough fermentation effect. For example, a smart fermentation tank can precisely set the temperature and humidity. And there are multi-layer partitions to meet the fermentation needs of different batches of dough. In addition, there are ovens, wake up boxes, slicing machines and other equipment. Ovens are used for baking all kinds of pastries. The wake box helps the dough to rise better, and the slicer facilitates the bread to be slic evenly.

2. Display equipment

Exquisite display equipment can attract the attention of customers and stimulate their desire to buy.

A bread display case is essential. It is usually design in clear glass, giving customers a clear view of the breads and pastries displayed inside. There are many types of display cabinets, such as room temperature display cabinets, refrigerated display cabinets and frozen display cabinets. The room temperature display case is suitable for displaying freshly baked bread. Refrigerated display cabinets are used to store pastries that need to be kept fresh. Freezer display cases are used to store special products such as ice cream cakes. For example, a refrigerated display case with lighting and automatic fog removal. Can make the bread look more attractive, while maintaining good quality.

Cake display stands are also common display equipment. It is usually beautifully design and has a multi-layered structure that allows different styles of cake to be displayed in layers. Some cake display stands also have a rotating function to facilitate customers to enjoy the shape of the cake in all aspects. In addition, there are pallets, shelves and other display AIDS. Trays are used to hold individual breads or pastries for easy access by customers. Shelves can be used to store packaged bread and related products.

3. Cash register equipment

An efficient cash register system can improve the operational efficiency of the store and the customer experience.

Cash register is one of the core equipment, it has the function of collection, printing receipt, inventory management and so on. A good performance cash register, easy to operate fast. Ability to process transactions quickly and reduce customer wait times. The scanning gun is used to scan the product bar code to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the cashier. The cash box is used to store cash and ensure the safety of funds. In addition, a printer is require for printing receipts and labels.

4. storage equipment

Adequate storage facilities can ensure the storage of raw materials and finished products.Bread shop design.

Cold stores and freezers are used to store raw materials that require low temperature preservation, such as cream, meat, fruit, etc. The temperature of the cold storage is generally 0-5 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the cold storage is below -18 degrees Celsius. Shelves and lockers are used to store dry goods, packaging materials, tools and other items. The shelf can choose metal material, durable, strong load-bearing capacity. Lockers can be select with locks to ensure the safety of items.

5. Production table and sink

The making table is an important place for bakers to operate.

The table is usually made of stainless steel and is easy to clean and disinfect. It needs to be ergonomic in height to allow the baker to maintain a comfortable posture while working. The sink is for washing tools and ingredients. The sink should be equip with hot and cold taps, and the drainage is smooth.

6.Table and chair

If the bakery has a dining area, tables and chairs are also required.

The style of the table and chair should be coordinate with the overall decoration of the store. You can choose a simple and modern style, or you can choose a warm and retro style. The comfort of the chair is important to allow customers to sit comfortably for a long time. The size and shape of the table should be select according to the space and customer flow of the store.

7. Other equipment

The air conditioning system is able to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity in the store, providing a good environment for customers and employees.

Ventilation equipment can remove the heat and odor generated during the baking process to keep the air fresh.

Monitoring equipment can ensure the safety of the store to prevent theft and accidents.

The sound system can play relaxing and pleasant music to create a comfortable shopping atmosphere.

8. Summary

Bakery needs a wide variety of furniture equipment, each equipment has its specific function and role. When choosing equipment, it is necessary to consider the size of the store, business positioning and budget. High-quality equipment can not only improve production efficiency and product quality, but also enhance the image of the store and customer satisfaction. Only the proper configuration and selection of these equipment can create a successful bakery. To provide customers with delicious bread and pleasant shopping experience.

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