Breads Bakery Kiosk

Do you plan to open a bread and bakery kiosk outdoors? Many people dream of owning a bakery of their own. And an outdoor bread bakery kiosk is more like preparing the groundwork for your opening. You can plan ahead for signboards, brand names, product positioning, and more. Besides, as a start-up, an outdoor bread kiosk does not require a lot of investment or cumbersome decoration. Many people dream of owning a bakery of their own. An outdoor bread bakery kiosk is more like preparing the groundwork for long-term business. Besides, as a start-up, an outdoor bread kiosk does not require a lot of investment or cumbersome decoration, and it is easier to operate. You can sell all kinds of cakes, bread, crepes, bakery goods, burgers, and beverages in your outdoor booth. Here are some nice cake kiosk designs shared with you, hoping that you will get perfect dessert booth solutions.

Do you think it’s really hard to open a bakery outdoors? Running a mobile bakery kiosk is easy; the most important thing is that you need to have a clear goal and motivation. Whether it be in taste, cost, strategy, or service, there must be one “knack” of your own. So that customers will remember you well and become your loyal fans. For example, super fluffy toast, a relaxed and pleasant store atmosphere, bread with special ingredients, etc. These are the highlights of your outdoor dessert shop.

2 points for the outdoor bread display showcase business:

Before starting a business, you need to make a plan to make sure all the details are covered. In the early stages,  you can organize everything well in advance and then realize it step by step. So that it will be more comprehensive.

A: What needs to be planned?

The location of the dessert booth and the manpower required for the outdoor bread shop The arrangement of working hours and the division of labor, and the outdoor food kiosk decoration. You also need to apply for the required documents, obtain a business license, purchase raw materials, and purchase machinery and equipment. The most important point is to increase the turnover of the bakery in a planned way.

  • Apply for various store opening certificates

1. Various forms are required for fire protection applications.

2. Business license

“Self-employed Business License”, “Food Circulation License” or “Catering Service License”. If there is a kitchen, it also requires a food safety license.

3. Tax registration certificate

After you have obtained the business license, you need to go to the tax bureau to pay the tax. That is to say, your turnover does not exceed a certain amount, and you only need to pay a fixed tax every month.

B: What kind of experience do you consider giving customers?

Now many mobile bakery shops will offer discounts from time to time, small gimmicks, special decorations, etc. That attracts everyone’s attention. Besides, these little gimmicks can indeed attract a lot of customers and increase sales.

  • Tips for enhancing customer experience

1. There is a uniform store. When customers visit, they need warm greetings.

2. If you have freshly baked bread, you can give a hint in the store to create a lively atmosphere.

3. Use the signs. It indicates that you will empty the bread at a specific time in the evening, creating the feeling of fresh bread every day.

4. Add some coffee, milk tea, etc. for everyone to eat.

5. Transparent price, bread name, ingredients, etc.

6. Establish your bakery kiosk and share your bread experience with everyone. So that people have a greater sense of belonging.

7. Launch new products every week or a month to attract customers’ attention.

8. Choose a unique and creative outdoor food concession stand. You can also create a store logo that is close to the customer’s aesthetic to attract attention.

9. It is best to use warm-toned lighting for the location of the product display. That makes the bread more textured and more appetizing.

Outdoor bread kiosk features

(1) The frame of the Outdoor cake kiosk is welded as a whole.

The outdoor cake kiosk has a sturdy and durable structure. It has strong anti-vibration and anti-deformation capabilities.

(2) The surface of the Bakery kiosk is made of aluminum-plastic plate material.

It has the characteristics of being fireproof, rainproof, sunscreen, non-fading, and non-fading.

(3) Produce items.

The outdoor cake kiosk adopts a new waterproof design and strict manufacturing process. Which has good sealing performance and eliminates water leakage.

(4) Complete configuration.

The Outdoor dessert kiosk equipment includes air-conditioning racks, fluorescent lamps, distribution boxes, and power supplies. We should also install drawers and switch lights for easy use.

(5) Concealed wires and sockets in the Bread kiosk.

It looks flat, beautiful, and safe to use. The electrical box has fuses and leakage protectors, aiming to completely prevent electrical safety accidents.

Outdoor cake kiosk in My Food Kiosk

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