bubble tea kiosk & some successful Works for share


With the development of the national economy and the improvement of residents’ consumption levels, snack foods have become an important part of people’s daily food consumption. when you walked in shopping mall or street . You will see a lot of different food stores.  such as pizza shop , coffee shop, juice shop ,bubble tea shop , candy shop , cake shop etc .  It is worth mentioning that the Mr bubble tea kiosk . It’s a very successful case . pls allow me introduce more details to you as below . 


1.Mr bubble tea kiosk .

Whole kiosk size is 4m by 3m , can for selling bubble tea , coffee , juice , drinks etc , basic material is MDF , surface is  white glossy baking paint finished  ,  white corian worktop, wooden cabinet with lock for storage ,  the front of this kiosk mainly for order , left sides with a lovely cup shape decoration and a small cashier counter for clean . back sides with some counter , can put juice machine , fridge , ice maker etc. as you see the kiosk surface is very beautiful ,  have courful acrylic with led light , very bright and attractive at evening  . 


bubble tea kioskbubble tea kiosk

2. Type 2 bubble tea kiosk showings .


You will find this shop style is same as the above i attached . yes , the design is reference the first kiosk .  we made for our USA Houston client .it location in simon mall . he said the cup shape and love it very much , so , he decide make his own shop same as it . maybe you also notice this shop like a ” U”  shape . because the client location is in mall a corner , the back sides is a wall , this is why we need make it like this . this kiosk with three cup shape , customer can see it from different angle . Do you also want a bubble tea kiosk like this ?


bubble tea kioskbubble tea kiosk

bubble tea kioskbubble tea kiosk

3. Some feedback  :  

bubble tea kiosk


3. How to customized a bubble tea kiosk like this one  ? 


Through the sharing of this information, are you confident in building a creative tea kiosk ? let me introduce more order steps for build a special bubble tea shop like this  . 


At first , You need to define the style of the store,Modern, simple, retro and fancy  . try find a location in mall , Necessary flourishing, have enough guest source .  Sign the lease contract. General approval for the location of the mall is required to provide the design and construction drawings of the store. You can find a professional design team to help you complete . then can start production it , shipping , assemble and start operation . 


As a direct factory we can help you design and production the bubble tea shop . if you interested build a mall food shop like this one , Please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately . thank you ! 


  • Whatsapp : +86 18665358507 
  • Email : sales01@uniquekiosk.com

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