Bubble Tea Kiosk For Mall

Bubble Tea Kiosk is specialized and designed for a bubble Tea Display. This type of kiosk can be used in shopping malls or shops or restaurants. People like to drink milk tea because of its unique flavor. And bubble tea is a good drink no matter in summer or winter. It’s never too late to start with a bubble tea booth. Renting a spot in a mall and choosing a nice mall food kiosk design. If you don’t know how to choose the right bubble tea kiosk, My Food Kiosk will help you customize a unique mall kiosk. A charming mall food kiosk helps you gain loyal fans and elevate your brand. Like most food stores, the milk tea booth has complete business equipment, including a cashier counter, display stand, work area, milk tea bucket, ice cream machine, storage area, and publicity area. You can start a business smoothly and even expand your brand marketing power. View more bubble tea kiosk designs here.

The bubble tea booth in the mall has become the first choice of many entrepreneurs due to its small investment and fast return. But we recommend that you be well prepared before starting the project. For example, we need to find a good location in a shopping mall. Many large shopping malls tend to cooperate with chain brands and well-known brands. And they will charge high rents. If you are starting a business for the first time, it is recommended to choose a mall with a low entry threshold, which can save you investment funds and make it easier to start a business.

How to make Bubble tea kiosk interior design

1. Make a signboard

The signboard is very important for a bubble tea kiosk. Because it always tells the public, “I am here; we are a milk tea shop; come to us to drink milk tea”. Signs are usually placed in prominent places, and you can even hang them or make a logo board and illuminate them with lights. This can get the customer’s attention. The big logo is very prominent, but you also need to consider the actual situation of your bubble tea kiosk. Sometimes smaller signs are more expensive. At the same time, we can also choose suitable materials to make signs, such as stainless steel, three-dimensional acrylic luminous logos, light box signs, and so on.

2. Layout design of the juice kiosk

As a place to serve customers and prepare ingredients, we need to set up the operation counter and reception area separately. And place the machine in a suitable location that is easy to operate and can improve the work efficiency of employees. Usually, the display area, reception area, and cashier area are set in the front, which is convenient for customers to order, while the workbench, milk tea bucket, sealing machine, and other equipment are placed at the back, and the side close to it is the sink to provide daily water. We can also try different layouts to choose a tea shop that suits you best.

3. Bubble tea shop color

Color is related to brand image and store decoration. When determining the color of the bubble tea shop, we need to think clearly about what kind of brand image we want to convey to customers. Because recognizable color combinations can make people remember your brand and store, Conducive to shaping the brand’s image. If you don’t have a final color in mind, consider using a color that will stand out from the logo.

4. Menu Design

As with most restaurants, the coffee kiosk menu must look appetizing. Menus usually display your products and prices, and you can highlight featured products from each collection and include product images. This is also what many milk tea shops are doing. For different products in different series, we need to take the price arrangement into account. It’s a good idea to use descending price order. Descending orders give you an anchor price that can increase the value of your product for more profit.

We can also prepare a portable menu, which is mainly used to display daily recommendations, new arrivals, store manager recommendations, the most popular milk tea, and other menus. When customers don’t know what to order, this menu can help them make up their minds quickly and improve efficiency.

Bubble tea booth in My Food Kiosk

Bubble tea kiosks designed and produced by My food kiosk are specially designed for bubble tea businesses. These types of kiosks can be used in shopping malls, shops, or restaurants. If you are planning to open a tea bar or juice bar, you can find the right tea kiosk design for your needs here. So you will get uniquely designed and bespoke types of juices, flavored teas, bubble tea, and other beverage kiosks. No matter when you are ready to start your business, you can get the perfect bubble tea cabinet. Our bubble tea kiosk is very popular with guests and high-end shopping malls. You can see them in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Our company supports custom food kiosks; please contact us now to get the perfect bubble tea kiosk!