Burger Kiosk

Do you plan to open a burger kiosk in the street? A burger is a very popular fast food snack because it is delicious, nutritious, and affordable. Many teenagers and office workers like burgers very much. Many entrepreneurs take a fancy to the investment potential of outdoor burger restaurants. Because burgers are quick to make and meet people’s dietary needs. The outdoor burger kiosk materials include waterproof, rain-proof, sun-proof, and heavy-duty materials. Not only fashionable and long service life. You can sell burgers, fried chicken, donuts, sandwiches, and more at the outdoor food concession stand. Besides, you can even increase your turnover with a drink stand. When you’re ready to start your business, an outdoor Burger kiosk helps you well. You can decorate it to highlight the brand theme, people can also notice your business immediately. View more outdoor food kiosk designs.

How much does it cost to open an outdoor burger kiosk?

The cost of opening an outdoor burger joint is not fixed and depends on many factors. Such as the brand of the burger joint and the size and location of the outdoor kiosk. If you’re going to join an existing burger kiosk brand, you’ll need to pay a few thousand dollars in franchise fees. If you are going to start your brand, then you only need to register the trademark and brand record.

Outdoor bread kiosk1. Food tall rent fees

Outdoor food stall charge a rent fee according to the location and size. A good store location has convenient transportation and high traffic flow. So the price is naturally high. For a 3m by 2m space, the rent ranges from 1000 to 2000 US dollars.

2. Hot dog kiosk design

To join a burger shop brand, you need to unify the style of decoration and design. To this end, it is only necessary to carry out the decoration design according to different urban locations. For a 3m by 2m space, the decoration cost is estimated to be about 15,000 US dollars. You can get a well-done outdoor kiosk to start a business. There’s no need to install and decorate anymore.

3. Equipment for outdoor burger stall

The necessary production equipment is also related to the size of the shop, just as the raw materials for burgers are. For outdoor food stalls, the cost in this regard ranges from $1,000 to $1,500.

4. Other expenses

In addition, the outdoor burger shop also needs staff to operate. According to the burger kiosk design, it can accommodate 1-2 people. The cost is about 4,000 US dollars, and there are other expenses such as water, electricity, daily expenses, reserve funds, etc.

The market prospect of an Outdoor burger stall

Now more and more people are starting a new career development route in entrepreneurship. The vitality of the hamburger industry has always had a good market performance. It is also one of the most promising franchise projects. The Hamburg industry has developed its system over the years. The Hamburg franchise has always had a lot of room for development.

Skills to operate a burger kiosk

Since it is a restaurant, the most attractive thing to attract consumers must be promotions. Whether it is a holiday or when the seasons change, major supermarkets will have various promotions. Don’t underestimate these activities. Designers need to consider many reasons, not only in the case of not affecting profits but also to ensure the degree of attraction to customers. You can come up with more great ideas so that customers will notice your outdoor fast food booth business.

Burger kiosk equipment

The equipment in a fast food stall includes production equipment and auxiliary equipment.

  • The production equipment required for the Burger kiosk includes a basic toaster, fryer, and other equipment, as well as some coke machines, coffee machines, etc., depending on the situation.
  • Auxiliary equipment can be divided into store opening equipment and operation equipment. Such as air conditioners, range hoods, cash registers, etc. You can also prepare a microwave oven, ice maker, water boiler, and more. That includes an air conditioner, range hood, center island, cash register, and sealing machine.

Burger stall machines

From the point of view of use, the burger machine is used to toast bread. We can also use it to make Mexican chicken tacos. The fryer, the breading station, and the marinating machine are important. It’s good to make some meat dishes, such as chicken legs, chicken fillets, and steaks. The oven and microwave can cook and heat food, respectively. The freezer aims to keep things fresh, and the water heater can quickly discharge water. Coca-Cola machines and ice machines to produce beverages Now there are many types of burger shops, and beverages are necessary for a burger kiosk. In addition,, most street food kiosks have soda machines, coffee machines, and ice cream machines to gain more loyal customers.

In terms of price, the most expensive are the Coke machine and the pickling machine, with the Coke machine costing around $500. The pickling machine costs about $400, and for other equipment, the price is generally around $500-1000. If the entrepreneur’s positioning of the burger shop is higher, the equipment is of high value.


In short, you need to be well prepared before opening an outdoor burger booth. If the entrepreneur is not very familiar with the equipment purchased and the technical aspects, he can choose to join the store. The brand side will support franchisees in all aspects, from equipment to technology, to ensure that entrepreneurs have no worries about opening a store, and the franchise fee is also very cheap. It is almost a burger brand tailored for small entrepreneurs. If you plan to open a burger kiosk outdoors, don’t hesitate to contact us; our My Food Kiosk provides you with beautiful and good-quality outdoor food shops.