Business Plan: how to open a street shawarma kiosk?

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A shawarma business plan with calculations is of interest to many enterprising people, and this is not surprising because this type of fast food is quite popular today. To open your kiosk with shawarma, you do not need a large initial capital, but it pays for itself quickly enough and begins to bring a stable profit. Let’s figure out how to open shawarma from scratch.

Action plan

The launch of the kiosk for shawarma takes place in stages:

  • IP registration,
  • obtaining appropriate permits and certificates,
  • conclusion of contracts,
  • rent or purchase of a kiosk,
  • equipment purchase,
  • recruitment,
  • purchase of products
  • carrying out promotional activities.

First, you will have to draw up a detailed business plan for a outdoor shawarma kiosk.

What documents are needed to open a shawarma

It is enough for an ordinary shawarma kiosk to register as an individual entrepreneur. This action will simultaneously become a permit for the sale of drinks. After registration and entry into the register, the following documents are drawn up:

  • permission to operate,
  • permission-based on the sanitary and epidemiological condition of a particular shawarma tent,
  • conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor and annex to it,
  • the production control program,
  • contracts with the disinfection center, laundry, utilities,
  • certificates of conformity of manufactured products.

All these documents give the right to legal activity. You will have to follow the rules and regulations related to catering products. Otherwise, during the inspection by the regulatory authorities, the owner may be fined, and the kiosk closed.

Choose a point location.

The choice of the location of the kiosk affects whether the shawarma business will be profitable or not. Purchasing power and traffic directly impact the payback period and profitability.

The following places are considered the most successful:

  • busy street intersections
  • surroundings of educational institutions, markets or stadiums,
  • shopping centers.

There are always a lot of people at the intersections. They are usually in a hurry, not everyone has enough time to eat, and a shawarma kiosk nearby can exacerbate hunger. A person then can not pass by.

During breaks, many schoolchildren and students want a quick bite to eat, and the food in the canteen is not as tasty as in the nearest kiosk. There is a lot of traffic in shopping centers, so someone in the process of purchasing purchases will want to enjoy delicious shawarma.

The kiosk is compact so that you can choose any place for its location. Do not forget that the shawarma business has many competitors, which means that many profitable sites may already be occupied. You will have to think carefully and analyze all the places in the city or give customers something that other shawarma outlets do not have.

You can choose to open a small food kiosk in mall or build a street food booth.

Kiosk Decoration & Constration

The room for cooking fast food is usually a transparent tent or kiosk. It should look aesthetically pleasing and make you want to buy food in this place. The shawarma kiosk includes the following designs:

The room can be stationary or mobile. Shawarma on wheels is convenient because it is easily transported to crowded places when celebrating certain events.

Stationary is equipped more thoroughly. In this case, you can either open a shawarma kiosk or arrange tables and chairs around it so that customers can have a bite to eat in comfortable conditions.

What equipment is needed for shawarma?

The business plan for a shawarma kiosk must also include equipment purchases. You can save on it, but then the quality of the cooked food will suffer. If there are few financial resources, then high-quality equipment is bought by hand, or original domestic or Chinese products are purchased.

The minimum set of equipment and its cost:

After all the costs have paid off, you can purchase better items or supplement the existing assortment with equipment for preparing some newfangled fast food.


Selling shawarma as a business implies the presence of employees. Two chefs who will work in shifts are usually enough to cook fast food, and they must simultaneously perform the cashier duties. If the influx of buyers is too large, you will have to look for an assistant.

At first, the owner of the business will be the manager. You can also do accounting calculations on your own or contact an outstaffing company.

Before opening a shawarma shop, you should take a responsible approach to choose a chef. The popularity of the outlet depends on how tasty it will cook and how respectfully treat customers. The standard requirements for personnel look like this:

  • medical book,
  • job experience,
  • honesty,
  • politeness,
  • cleanliness,
  • stress tolerance,

Standard work schedule – 2/2 for 10-12 hours a day. With such a schedule, a ready-made shawarma business brings maximum benefits.

Where to buy ingredients for shawarma?

What you need to open shawarma, which has attracted many customers, is quality products for making fast food. In every city, some suppliers specialize in delivering ingredients to catering outlets.

It would be best if you tried to choose the most conscientious and attractively priced company. If you constantly order products in one place, you can get a discount sooner or later. It is better to have a few more suppliers on hand for unforeseen circumstances.

It is recommended to buy products often and in small batches. Fresh ingredients have a positive effect on the taste of shawarma, and it also saves on storage space. Before opening shawarma, you need to consider this point in your business plan.

How to diversify the assortment?

Usually, shawarma kiosks are not limited to offering only one type of product. They also sell related products that increase profits. Usually this:

  • chilled juices,
  • lemonade,
  • tea and coffee,
  • Hot Dog,
  • pizza,
  • pies, etc.

Carbonated water and chilled juices are offered in small packages up to 1 liter. To make tea and coffee in the kiosk, you will have to agree with a local company for water supply. Drinks are prepared from disposable bags.

In addition to shawarma, the chef can prepare sandwiches, hot dogs, and other fast food. Conventional semi-finished products, prepared only by heating in the microwave, are stocked directly at their production.

Making shawarma in unusual ways is of additional interest to buyers. Instead of pita bread, you can use a tortilla or pita. Recipes borrowed from the cuisines of different peoples of the world will become part of a diverse assortment. Fajita and burritos from Mexico will surely want to try every customer at least once.

Competent marketing

Shawarma as a business requires knowledge and application of marketing tricks. The right approach will make the point popular and noticeable among existing or potential competitors.

How to open shawarma from scratch so that it immediately begins to attract a large flow of customers:

  • carefully consider the design of the kiosk,
  • choose only fresh and natural products,
  • do not save on advertising,
  • organize promotions.

Demonstration of cooking whets the appetite. Just imagine how the opportunity to see how the chef roasts fragrant meat and wraps it with bright vegetables and sauce in thin pita bread will affect customers.

Do not try to cook shawarma from expired products. Word of mouth works well in many cities. A client who has eaten low-quality food will never return to this kiosk, and along with him, you can lose potential buyers in the person of his acquaintances.

The sign at the kiosk and shawarma trailers  should be bright, and the menu should be accessible and presented in the most understandable form. You can print flyers and distribute them near the point or scatter them in the mailboxes of nearby houses.

Advertising in social networks is also effective, given that they are used by the majority of potential buyers – schoolchildren and students. Promotions are made for regular customers. For them, how much shawarma costs will depend on how fast food is purchased.

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How much does it cost to open a shawarma kiosk?

The shawarma business plan assumes the availability of cost calculations for opening a point. An example list looks like this:

The largest cost item from the list, included in the list of how much it costs to open shawarma, is the purchase of equipment, which is only needed once. Also, once you have to spend money on paperwork, the remaining items must be paid once every few days (purchase of products) or monthly. Advertising is optional.

Profitability of shawarma

A shawarma kiosk can operate no more than 12 hours a day. On average, the cost of the finished product fluctuates around 150 dollars. If you sell about 7 products per hour, then in one day, the revenue will be 12,600 dollars and 37,800 dollars per month. Monthly expenses are deducted from this amount, and a net monthly income of about 10,000 dollars is obtained.

Based on the fact that 24,000dollars were spent on opening the kiosk, the business paid off within three months.

Risk factors

Before opening a shawarma business, you need to study the possible difficulties you may encounter in the process.

  1. Great level of competition.
  2. Difficulties in recruiting.
  3. Responsibility for the sale of defective products.
  4. Raising prices by suppliers.

– this is food for poor people, so the cost of one product should not be high. To reduce costs, you must think through the entire work process properly.

The cook must be responsible. If the buyer is poisoned due to improper observance of the technological process, the owner will be responsible for the consequences.

If the business plan to open shawarma helped successfully, you can acquire a few more points and become the owner of an entire business network in a couple of years.

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