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Hey , friends ! Hope everything is going well . i’m glad to share a Creative sweet corn kiosk for your meet . i received the customer feedback today.  Before two month ago , we confirmed the corn kiosk 3d design and drawings start production it . about 22 work days we finished  it and arrange shipping it to Canada , now the customer already received and install it . He likes this kiosk very much and gives us high evaluation . What’s so special about this kiosk? Please allow me to share you more details below .  

corn kiosk

Basic information about this corn kiosk :  

You can see whole kiosk is very high end and eye-catching . because of this kiosk mainly for selling corn , so we choose yellow and green for mainly stone , match a little white , is very elegance . total size is 3m length by 3m width , basic material is high density flame retardant board , surface is baking painting finished . white man made stone countertop hidden , bottom with around stainless steel toe kick .  

1. Special corn shape  : 

I believe that when you first see this cabinet, you will be attracted by its uniqueness. it’s a good ideas make corn model to the kiosk four corner.  Very vivid and nice . surface with many yellow plate decoration. Hidden under the countertop is a ring of led light strip , it’s very bright .  I have to say very creative, very attractive customer’s eyeball.Attached is the finished product photo for your reference . 

corn kiosk corn kiosk

2. kiosk Layout and suggestion : 

You can see whole kiosk three sides with wooden counter ,  the front part of this kiosk with a small cashier counter , two Corn steamer , a double  stainless steel for washing . you will find here have a 300mm height tempered glass baffle, Mainly used to block the batching bottle ,   it will look more beautiful If you don’t use the glass clip directly install it on the counter. the back wall put a beverage refrigerator display . a small bar counter with four bar chair for customer seating area . 

3. Material : 

Basic material : high density flame retardant board , it’s a good material for build special shape . 

Surface : baking painting . the surface is smooth, shiny and very high-end . 

Countertop : white man made stone worktop . white color is a good choose for countertop , looks very clean . the first choice for the food kiosk is to be safe and hygienic .Stone has high hardness, is not easy to scratch, safety , durable, easy to clean . 

Accessories : 304 stainless steel , 8mm tempered  glass , white led light strip , acrylic plate . sticker .

4. Creative kiosk and design ideas . 

Like this cabinet on the clever addition of corn shape, very innovative , We have made a lot of these before , such as add cup shape , nail polish bottle shape , Chocolate drops etc, As long as there is an idea, everything is possible.  

corn kiosk

Thanks for your time and reading , If you plan start a mall food kiosk like this one , Please do not hesitate to contact us , As a direct manufacturer, we can design and customized depend on personal requirement , also can give you some advice . 

Thank  you !

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