People depend on food, and no matter how harsh the environment, you need to eat and drink. If you also want to start a food business but do not have enough funds, you can choose to open a food trailer outdoors. Our catering trailer may be a good solution. Mobile food trucks have become a trend in recent years. You can prepare and serve food in multiple locations, and you can move your catering trailer wherever there is a lot of traffic. Outdoor rent is much lower than indoors, and the threshold is low; you only need to invest a small amount. With a wide variety of display options, menus, and brands, you can turn your expandable catering trailer into the perfect marketing venture.

Food vending trailer

MyFoodkiosk has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality, durable, and sturdy catering trailers. We provide customized services that can customize your food trailer according to your needs and budget. Trailers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but most importantly, they can be customized. When we customize, we can not only meet customer requirements in layout but also visually achieve the effect customers want. Our food vending trailer contains the outer trailer structure, the inner counter, the top lights, logo, light box, etc.

mobile catering trailer

Catering trailers have become the first choice for many entrepreneurs. It has many incomparable advantages.

  • This is a very low-risk business.

You just need to buy a catering trailer and some necessary equipment to start your business. And if you choose to open in a place with many people outdoors, not only is there no customer source, If you need to work during the day, you can choose to open on weekends or at night. You don’t have to give up your day job, and the investment risk is low.

  • Attractive profits

The profit of mobile catering trailers can reach 65%–85%. Rent and renovations save you a lot of money.

  • Very flexible and convenient

You can easily move it and change places with a cart. They are very convenient and flexible.

  • Low startup costs

The reason many people are afraid to start their own business is the high cost of starting one. Not only do you have to pay rent, but you also have to renovate, buy the furniture inside, etc. A catering trailer will save you a lot of trouble.



  • Investigate the local market and consumer groups.

food trailer If you want to open a catering trailer at the entrance of the park, you must first investigate the traffic flow, traffic conditions, and food that people often buy at the entrance of the park.

  • Obtain the appropriate license and health certificate

If you want to start a food business, some business licenses are necessary.

  • Decide which food to sell

What kind of food and drink you sell is also very important. If you open a food business outside the children’s park, you can choose to sell ice cream, snacks, marshmallows, milk tea, and more.

A good catering trailer has a huge impact on your business. You will need to order your trailer from a professional manufacturer. It needs to be very attractive in appearance; you can put your logo on it and put some promotional posters and light boxes on it. Inside, there are practical work counters, storage areas, sinks, and more.

  • Buy the necessary kitchen equipment

Your equipment depends on the food and beverages you are selling. First of all, you need to determine what kind of food you sell and then buy the equipment you need based on that.

How to minimize the catering trailer costs for your business

  • Use social media for marketing.

You can update your product images, prices, and promotions on social media. This can reduce the cost of some traditional marketing and have a good publicity effect.

  • Rent or buy second-hand equipment.

You don’t need to buy some brand new equipment; you can buy some used equipment first when you are just starting up, which can greatly reduce your costs.

  • Choose some foods and drinks that are easy to make.

Some foods with complicated production processes will increase your costs and production time. You can choose to sell simple food items such as ice cream, juice, and more.

MyFoodkiosk is a direct factory that specializes in making different kinds of street food stalls, food concession stands, and mobile food trailers. We have already helped many customers start their businesses. If you also want to start your own catering trailer business and need any help, just feel free to contact us.