Mall chocolate kiosk

Are you looking for an attractive chocolate kiosk in the mall? Chocolate is one of the most popular desserts, not only for its unique shape and scent but also for its ability to fuel people’s daily work. Opening a sweet food kiosk in the mall is a good idea; you can get a steady stream of customers and income. At the same time, you need a unique mall food kiosk because it can help you improve your brand image and gain a good reputation. And the chocolate display can highlight your product and make you stand out from your competitors. If you have an established brand and are planning to start a business in a mall, choose your favorite look for our website. You can also send your ideas or even design drawings, and we will customize the chocolate kiosk as per your request. View unique chocolate candy stall designs below.

The chocolate display design has multiple glass cabinets so that you can show all kinds of products inside. According to a survey, people are willing to buy what they like first. A glass showcase appeals to clients to buy chocolates. No matter whether you are new to the chocolate industry or have opened many shops in the mall. My Food Kiosk can build the dessert kiosk booth for you.

Chocolate booth design

Regarding the chocolate booth design, we should focus more on the location of the mall. We have to make the chocolate kiosk’s interior design fit the mall requirements. For display kiosks, make multiple layers of cabinets to place chocolates. We can also add individual cabinets on four sides as a sales window. If you express part of the product details to clients, don’t forget to reserve enough working counter space and space for the necessary equipment.

Besides focusing more on the chocolate fountain kiosk decoration, the kiosk color and layout should be a symbol of your chocolate shop. You can ask a professional design team to help you come up with good chocolate stall ideas. Because they will make 3D design models accordingly, you can view details. You can even make adjustments to get the perfect chocolate display design solution.

chocolate kiosk for saleMaterial details show

A chocolate candy stall usually has multiple styles that look attractive and vivid. To achieve a glossy effect, it uses MDF with baking paint to build the counters. While the countertop uses artificial stone, you can also use quartz stone or even marble stone. 8mm tempered glass and counter-light lamp decoration highlight the products and attract attention. If you want a natural and modern effect, using wooden surface decoration works well.

The main material is plywood with a solid wood bar or veneer finish. However, it can do limited modeling, and the production process is different from the chocolate booth made with MDF materials. Fortunately, the designer team and structure team can help you purchase suitable materials. What you need to do is tell them your ideas and make the final decision. Structure and material level determine the food kiosk’s quality.

How to install the chocolate kiosk?

The chocolate kiosk size fits the rental location in the mall, such as 3m by 2m. So it’s divided into several counters to produce. When receiving the chocolate booth, the owner has to install the mall kiosk properly. Don’t worry about the installation work; it’s very easy and can be completed by two people. Here are three steps to guide you:

  • First, put the counters in the correct order

We will note the numbers on the package and follow the technical drawing.

  • Second, connect the wires between each counter

The direct wires of the counter are all male and female connectors; just connect them and fix them.

  • Finally, connect the main electronic box to the mall

It mainly provides electricity for the chocolate booth. The main line is usually the location of the cashier. You can find an electrician to help you with this step.

If you have a designated location, please explain in advance, and we will set it according to your requirements. Our sales team will also guide you with installation work. When you are in need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

About My Food Kiosk Chocolate candy stall

My Food Kiosk is a chocolate kiosk factory; we provide both chocolate counter design and production work. Our service is to provide customers with the mall kiosk they want to start their business with. Our factory has more than 20 years of production experience, and every chocolate display is customized for customers. Our main markets are Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Dubai, and so on. When it comes to chocolate stalls, as long as you have a clear idea, we can achieve them in reality. Contact us and get our new invention: food kiosks.