Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, and many people drink a cup of it when they are at work or at leisure. Coffee also has a very refreshing effect. Coffee kiosks are a very hot sale in shopping centers and on the street. It’s a great choice for most. It will give us a good rest. Starbucks coffee shops are a good example. You’ll find that every mall has its own cafe. There is a steady stream of passengers every day, and you can’t wait to start owning a coffee shop?

The cost of coffee is meager, but the profit is very high. If you also want to open a small business, you can choose to open a coffee kiosk. The rent of the coffee shop is relatively high; it needs to be renovated, and the cost is higher. A small coffee stall will only occupy minimal space, and you don’t need to decorate anything.

coffee kiosk design
mall coffee stall

The standard size for a coffee kiosk is 9–18 sq meters, depending on the mall’s leased sizes (the most popular kiosk sizes are 10x10ft, 10x12ft, 12x15ft, and 10x15ft). The regular coffee kiosk contains sales counters, cashiers, ordering counters, store counters, and work counters with sinks. And there is usually a menu tower next to the cashier or display racks to put flyers and promotional papers. Typically, the kiosk logos must be in prominent locations, and light boxes are also needed for advertising.

To start an outdoor coffee service business, you can open a street coffee stand or get a mobile coffee trailer.

How to open a coffee bar kiosk?

I believe that many of my friends dream of one day saving enough money to invest in opening a cafe. The most prominent question is, how should we open a coffee kiosk? Where do I open it? What needs to be prepared? How much money do you need to start a coffee bar? 

  1. Market research and positioning: Determine whether there is enough demand in the current market in the city where you are located, what kind of demand there is, and what kind of people are in demand. Once the needs have been identified, it is natural to locate the population’s needs.
  2. Budget and financial planning: After considering the positioning of the coffee shop and the preliminary work of the market survey, it is my turn to make a budget and do financial planning. You must calculate all possible points that use money, including kiosk rent, manufacturing costs, equipment, inventory, employee salaries, advertising promotions, etc.
  3. Location of a coffee kiosk: The transportation to where the coffee kiosk is located must be convenient. Cafes depend on the surrounding environment to have a combined effect near large or office buildings. If you open a coffee bar in the mall, the best place is the mall’s entrance or near the elevator. If you open a cafe on the business plaza, the best place is on the side of the walkways.
  4. Customize your coffee kiosk: A beautiful and functional coffee kiosk can be very helpful to your business. You need to find a professional company to help you design and customize your coffee kiosk. The kiosk manufacturing process includes kiosk design, manufacturing, shipping-installation. All the detailed elements need to be considered, so you will have fewer headaches when using it.
  5. Purchase the required machines: You need to buy the machines you need to make coffee, such as coffee machines, ice machines, grinders, sealers, refrigerators, and more.

Mall Coffee Bar Equipment & Machines 

Coffee equipment is the most crucial thing in every food business. Whether you are starting a coffee kiosk in a mall or opening a cafe restaurant, you will need the following typical machines:

  • Sealing machine: Sealing machines are always used in the coffee business.
  • Water heater: The water heater is an essential piece of equipment in the coffee kiosk, and it is necessary to ensure the hot water supply in the coffee shop.
  • Smoothie machine: As the name suggests, this equipment is used to make smoothies, which are needed a lot in the summer.
  • Cash register: Using cash registers in the store can speed up the process of customers paying their bills.
  • Fresh-keeping cabinets and freezers: The franchise stores need fresh-keeping cabinets to store and make some raw materials, and freezers are mainly used to make ice cubes.
  • Fructose dosing machine: When debugging coffee, adding fructose as a sweetener can improve the grade of coffee in terms of taste. Using fructose to measure the machine can ensure that the taste is not wrong.

Why Owning A Coffee kiosk Is A Great Business To Start?

If you dream of opening a small business, you can try opening a coffee booth in a mall. So what are the benefits of opening a coffee kiosk?

  • Has development prospects: Because coffee faces more and more consumer groups, many people like to enjoy a cup of coffee on the way to and from work, and coffee can also satisfy the spiritual needs of people, there are many reasons why coffee kiosks have developed prospects.
  • Meet market demand: Because coffee kiosks have development prospects, they also promote many people’s consumption. On the contrary, consumption promotes the operation of the coffee kiosks, so this is a complementary effect that can meet market demand and promote economic development.
  • Simple business model: Running a coffee shop doesn’t require a complicated business model; it only needs to follow standard management, and the kiosk can run smoothly.

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