Do you also want to open a corn business? Are you still looking for a sweet corn kiosk? Corn is a very popular snack. It has vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They taste very yummy, and at the same time, they are very good for your health. Steamed corn and popcorn are the most popular; children and teenagers love them very much. A corn kiosk is a booth used to cook and sell corn and some other foods and snacks. Corn kiosks usually include the sale counter, pick-up counter, cook counter, storage area, and sinks. Of course, logos, menus, and light boxes are also needed. They play a very important role in advertising. When you sell corn, you can also sell popcorn, snacks, and drinks.

Mall Corn Kiosk

A corn kiosk is specialized for corn display. This type of kiosk can be used in shopping malls, shops, or restaurants. If you plan to open a corn kiosk, you can find the right corn kiosk design you need here. Unique design and build customized types of kiosks for corn kiosks, corn kiosk businesses, cup of corn kiosks, sweet corn kiosks for sale, magic corn kiosks, and more.

Materials used for sweet corn kiosk

corn kiosk Basic material: As usual, we will use plywood to make the kiosk body.

Surface finish: Surface can use baking paint or laminate.

Countertop: Corian stone countertop

Logo: Illuminated acrylic logo

Toe kicker: Stainless steel toe kicker

Four suggestions for corn stall design

  • Corn shape modeling can help attract customers

You can see many corn kiosks will put some corn modeling on kiosk corners. It can help attract customers and make your kiosk more attractive.

  • Yellow and green color are greatly welcomed

As we know, corn is yellow, and its leaf is green. So many corn kiosks will use yellow and green colors, which are very suitable for corn kiosks.

  • Nice lights are needed

When you design your own corn kiosk, you can put some nice led lights around the kiosk counter top. The bottom toe kicker can also add some lights; these will make your kiosk look more bright and nice.

  • Advertising posters and light boxes are need

When people pass by, the first thing they see is your kiosk. If there are some yummy corn posters, people will be easily attracted.


Machines needed in sweet corn stall

  • Corn steamers

Corn steamers are needed if you want to sell corn. When choosing corn steamers, you need to choose something with a big capacity and use high-end 304-grade stainless steel.

  • Cash register

A cash register is required regardless of the type of business.

  • Popcorn machine

You can also sell popcorn when you sell sweet corn. Popcorn is greatly welcomed by children and young people.

  • Fridge
  • Refrigerator

A refrigerator is needed when you do corn business because you can store some fruits, frozen yogurt, etc.

Some other machines will also be needed if you sell other foods and drinks.

Although corn is a small business, it can be very profitable if run well. Opening a physical storefront requires sufficient capital, and if you don’t want to take such a big risk, you can choose to open a corn kiosk. So how do you open a corn kiosk? What preparations are needed?

  • Make a detailed plan

Before you start a corn kiosk, you have to make a detailed plan. This plan needs to list the expenses, costs, possible profits, and the cost of routine maintenance.

  • Conduct market research

You need to investigate the shopping habits and consumption habits of the shopping malls where kiosks will be opened and the surrounding people, their consumption tastes, when there is a lot of traffic, and so on.

  • Apply for a health permit, health certificate

It is very important for food businesses to obtain the corresponding sanitation licenses and health certificates.

  • Site selection is critical

The quality of the food business ultimately depends on the flow of people. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the location of the store before opening a food kiosk. At present, the surrounding areas of schools, shopping malls, office buildings, and other places are all popular places to open stores. Therefore, before opening a store, pay more attention to the flow of people around the store, because only the flow of people will generate business.

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