Creativity mall food mango display kiosk with beverages display service


Time flies ,It is already September’s peak season for orders . Are you ready for your food business ? if you want start your business before Christmas.. must start ready for the mall kiosk project now . as we know mall kiosk is very popular in United stated , UK , australia , france China etc .such as juice bar , ice cream kiosk , bubble tea kiosk . fruit kiosk , snack kiosk , crepe kiosk , candy kiosk etc . today i wanna introduce a creativity mango display kiosk for your meet . hope is helpful for your business . 


1.More introduce about this mango display kiosk :  


I have to say that the whole cabinet is very high-end and eye-catching. whole kiosk mainly tone is white and green ,  match a little brown solid wood, very modern and fashion . whole kiosk measure is 8ft length by 8ft width , basic material is fire retardant plywood . surface is laminate finished .

The layout of whole kiosk is very simple , front part mainly for order , with a small cashier counter . left sides with a four tank stainless steel sink .a enterance door and a stainless steel ice box . the back sides with a long counter with cabinet for storage, top part also can put some juice machine and milkshakes machine . right sides also with a counter , below is empty for put a  beverages display fridge .whole counter hight is 900mm . with 300mm height glass retainer . you will notice the sink around is ground glass.

You will notice theeach sides of this kiosk have a  round shape 3d luminescence acrylic logo .Vivid and lifelike, It’s a great creative design, it’s very eye-catching . 


mango display kiosk mango display kiosk 



2. Some real production photos shares . 

Below is some real production photo showings , you will notice the surface with some white strip shape , it’s acrylic decoration , inside with white led light strip . when we open the power switch , it’s very bright at night .  At present, the entire kiosk has been completed .We are preparing for transportation and are expected to arrive in the United States within 25 days  .

mango display kiosk mango display kiosk mango display kiosk mango display kiosk


3. Some suggestion for build a mall kiosk project : 

  1. At first , you need a schedule for whole project . need talk with shopping mall share your project ideas and get a place lease . 
  2. and then you need  have a plan for the time schedule , Prepare at least three months for the entire project , Some of the more remote countries will take even longer . Confirm opening time and sign the lease contract .
  3. the kiosk design must unique and Creativity ,find a professional direct supplier is very important , they can help you design and give you some good ideas . 
  4. learn the Mall requirements . some famous mall such as GGP , simon and westfield is very strict . hey have mandatory requirements for materials, height, and safety .such as must use fire retardant panel for basic material, surface need use corian . sink must is 3tank stainless steel etc . 


Thanks for your time and reading , hope above information is helpful for your business . if you plan start your own mange display kiosk like this one , Please do not hesitate to contact us . thank you  !  


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