Crepe kiosk design with fast food kiosk counter export New Zealand

Food industry is becoming more popular , more and more people start his mall food business . when you walked in shopping mall, you will saw many different kinds of food kiosk , such as  juice bar , coffee counter , ice cream kiosk , fast food snak counter , crepe kiosk , candy kiosk etc . did you plan start your own mall food kiosk ?  today i wanna introduce a modern crepe kiosk for your meet .

1.More introduce about this crepe kiosk : 

Through the 3D high-definition design images , we can clearly understand the service items of the entire store .it’s for crepe , waffle , fast food snack and more , whole kiosk size is about 6000X3000mm , basic material is flame retardant plywood . Choose white and grey as the primary colors, very high end and elegance .

Let’s see the kiosk inside carefully , There is an entrance at the left sides of the entire cabinet , next to a small checkout counter . At the front are work counter and glass display showcase . a mall bar counter on the right with two bar chair , for customer waiting area . the back sides of this kiosk have counter with many wooden cabinet for storage , the countertop can put some small machine and sink . Whole kiosk surface with many grey tile decoration, light box and 3d logo  , it’s Very creative and eye-catching . 

crepe kiosk crepe kiosk

2. Basic information about this crepe kiosk  : 

Item : crepe kiosk . 

Size : 6000X3000mm . 

Color : white , grey , brown wood grain . 

Material : plywood, laminate , tile . 

Design :  3d max and CAD drawings . 

Delivery : 20-22 work days .

Package : foam inside + wooden box outside . 

Accessories :  led light strip , light box , acrylic logo .

3. Some suggestion for build a mall kiosk project : 


  • At first , you need a schedule for whole project . need talk with shopping mall share your project ideas and get a place lease . 
  • and then you need  have a plan for the time schedule , Prepare at least three months for the entire project , Some of the more remote countries will take even longer . Confirm opening time and sign the lease contract .
  • the kiosk design must unique and Creativity ,find a professional direct supplier is very important , they can help you design and give you some good ideas . 
  • learn the Mall requirements . some famous mall such as GGP , simon and westfield is very strict . hey have mandatory requirements for materials, height, and safety .such as must use fire retardant panel for basic material, surface need use corian . sink must is 3tank stainless steel etc .


4.Some real production photos for your reference : 


crepe kiosk crepe kiosk crepe kiosk crepe kiosk

Thanks for your time and reading , if you need more further info about this crepe kiosk  , pls feel free to contact us , thank you !  

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