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crepe, as the name suggests, is fast and convenient food, which has appeared in the catering market because of its fast speed and reasonable price. People in modern society are getting busier and busier, and many people do not have time to eat well, so crepe has naturally become a very popular food. Convenience, speed, hygiene, etc. make crepe a priority for people in catering. If you also want to start your own crepe business, but do not have enough funds, you can choose to open a crepe kiosk firstly. crepe kiosks are generally opened in shopping malls and buildings with high traffic. So you don’t have to worry about the source of customers.

crepe stall

crepe stall generally have a dining table, a cashier counter, a food pickup table, and a work counter. Because I often have to wash food, I also use the sink. The menu is usually located next to the cashier for people to order. There are usually some light boxes around the mall crepe kiosk for publicity, which can help attract customers. Logos are usually placed in a prominent place, in front of counters and on pillars. crepe kiosks are designed to be both attractive to customers and very functional. The counters inside should be reasonably arranged according to the machine. Because it sells food, artificial stone is generally used for countertops. The surface of Kiosk generally uses fireproof board, aluminum-plastic board and some relatively hard materials.

How to open a crepe kiosk?

  • crepe kioskYou need to determine the crepeproducts you want to sell

There are still many types of crepe, and when entrepreneurs open a crepe restaurant, they need to determine the products in the store in advance. When entrepreneurs open a store, they need to choose a series of crepe categories.

  • To open crepekiosk, you need to do a good job in positioning and site selection

Generally speaking, customers choose crepe for the convenience of customers who are usually office workers or students. You need to take into account your target customers. It is also necessary to do a good job in the location selection of the store. Generally, crepe restaurants need to be located near office buildings or some schools when choosing a location, and the possibility of customers choosing will also become higher.

  • Menu formulation

For the formulation of the menu, from meat dishes to vegetarian dishes, from home-cooked dishes to seafood dishes, etc., the price should be set at low, medium and high grades. There are complete varieties of dishes, and the choices can be a little more diverse. The variety of choices can meet the different requirements of diners. need.

  • Document handling

When a novice opens a crepe restaurant, while applying for the business license, he must also apply for the approval of fire protection, environmental protection and sanitation and the tax registration certificate. Go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to apply for the industrial and commercial license and business license, which is the ID card for opening a crepe restaurant.

  • Upfront budget

In the early operation of crepe kiosk, it is necessary to purchase kiosks, machinery and equipment, pay rent, hire employees, etc., which also require initial capital investment.

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