A cupcake is a small cake put in a small, thin paper or cup. It is becoming more and more popular. It is small, so you can control the portion size. They can be customized to your needs; you can add different fruits you like to them. Because its cost is small, you can buy many different tastes freely. If you want to start your own cupcake business but don’t have a lot of funds, you can try to open a cupcake kiosk. Cupcake kiosk primarily for selling cake, bakery, macarons, and other baked goods. This type of kiosk can be used in shopping malls or shops. Its front side, as usual, will be a cupcake display case and cash counter. Near the cupcake case, as usual, there will be menus for people to check and select the taste they like. When you sell cupcakes, you can also sell some other food and snacks, such as bakery goods, coffee, bubble tea, ice cream, etc.

Dessert kiosk design

A cupcake kiosk will include logos, a menu, sinks for washing, a work counter, storage cabinets, and light boxes for advertising. Because countertops will have machines and water, they usually need to use corian stone or quartz stone. The kiosk surface can use laminate or aluminum composite panels. When people pass by, the first thing they see is your cupcake kiosk. So your kiosk needs to look very attractive. At the same time, it needs to be very functional.

Benefits of starting your own cupcake booth business

  • cupcake kiosk design Starting cost is low

You just need to rent a small place, order a cupcake booth, and then start. You do not need to pay a high rent like a shop and pay a decoration fee. Its cooking cost is also low.

  • Busy traffic

There is a lot of traffic in the mall. Many people pass by every day.

  • cupcakes are very popular

Cupcakes are becoming more and more popular. They become popular snacks for children and girls.

Elements to consider when designing your mall cupcake kiosk

  • Color match

Cupcakes are lovely; mainly children and girls like them. So when you customize your cupcake booth, some elegant and bright colors will be good choices.

Some popular color matches:

  1. Pink and white
  2. Light blue and white
  3. Light wood color and white
  • Display area

Cupcakes are generally made ahead of time, so you’ll need a large glass display case to display them. The display case, as usual, needs to be put on the kiosk’s front side, next to the cash counter, for people to choose from. In order to attract customers, a cake model display case is usually required.

  • Storage area

The storage area is also very important. Cupcake kiosks generally have a lot of locker doors and shelves for storage.

  • The use of light boxes

To attract customers, you can place some light boxes and promotional posters on the surface of the kiosk. Not only do these adorn your kiosk, but they can be great publicity.

How to open a retail cupcake booth in mall?

  • Market research and analysis of cupcake industry

The first step in opening a cupcake is market research and analysis. Only by understanding baking and the baking market can you clearly know what the current baking market is like.

  • Location selection

When choosing a location, it is recommended to choose a place with a large number of tourists and no obstructions. If there are none of these places, try to choose a place with less competition and a moderate source of tourists.

  • Purchase the necessary equipment and machinery
  • Customize your cupcake kiosk

You need to find a professional design team to help you design this cake kiosk. After the design review is approved, you need to find a professional manufacturer to help you make this sweet cake kiosk.


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