More and more people are choosing to buy a food trailer to start their business. Innovation, convenience, and affordability are the main factors behind the popularity of trailers. Driving a trailer outdoors requires less investment and is easier than indoors. If you’re just starting a business and you’re short on cash, you may choose to open a food trailer. No matter how bad the economy is, people need to eat, so the food industry will always have customers.

MyFoodKiosk is one of the best manufacturers of food carts and mobile kitchens in China. We offer professional customization services that can be tailored to your mobile business needs. We have our own design team and production factory. You just need to tell us the color you want, the style, the layout inside, the design you want, your logo, and more. Our design team will make 3D design drawings according to your requirements to show you the effect. View our nice custom food trailers below.

Five advantages of the custom food trailers

  • You can choose your business location very flexibly

Traditional food stores and food kiosks have high risks because of fixed business locations and fixed customer flow; mobile food trailers have incomparable advantages over traditional restaurants. You can change the location very flexibly without worrying about the lack of customers, effectively avoiding the risk of passenger flow.

  • Low startup cost

In a traditional store, you have to pay high rent every month and need to renovate your storefront and the furniture and equipment you need in the back. Outdoor trailers, on the other hand, are a one-time purchase and enjoy perpetual ownership. Rent is generally low, and opening is simple.

  • Fast startup time

It is difficult for traditional restaurants to rent a storefront, and the decoration takes a long time, and the process is very cumbersome and complicated, while food trailers do not need to wait for a long time. Once you get the trailer and equipment, you can start working.

  • Attract more consumers

The appearance of the food trailer can be freely customized, and you can put your favorite patterns, logos, and some promotional posters on it. You can choose some creative and interesting decorations to cater to the preferences of young consumers.

  • Save labor cost

Stores generally require many employees to maintain operations; trailers are generally small in size and easy to operate, which can greatly reduce the labor cost of operators.

What Is Included In A Food Trailer

  • Metal trailer structure

Because they are used outdoors, food trailers need to be waterproof, sunscreen-resistant, windproof, etc. It generally uses a solid steel frame and galvanized sheet to make the basic shell. Because of the need to place machines and prepare food, the counters inside are generally made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel. Custom food trailers are very durable and heavy-duty. At the same time, it has a sales window that can be closed, and you can also add your logo. Some decorations can be put on the surface to promote your product.

  • 2.Inside work counters

The counters in the food trailer generally include sales counters and work counters. These counters are generally made of high-quality stainless steel, which is very durable and easy to clean.

  • Wash sinks

We will install sinks for hand washing and sinks for washing ingredients. If your location can’t connect water pipes to get water from the outside, you can install a water system equipped with sewage pipes, water purification buckets, and water pumps.

  • Sockets and wire

We will pre-wire the sockets required for wire installation in the trailer in advance, which will be very convenient for you to use.

  • Logos and menus

We can also install the logo and your menu at the location you specify, according to your needs.


Customize a street food trailer

We are committed to providing every customer with the best quality service and satisfactory products. Whether it is color, appearance, or logo, the menu can be customized according to your needs. The counter inside can be laid out and reserved according to your equipment. Some spotlights and ceiling lights can be installed on top. The floor is generally non-slip. MyFoodKiosk can provide a variety of food trailers; our trailers include coffee trailers, ice cream trailers, candy trailers. You are welcome to contact us for more details if you also need a street food trailer!