Mall Dessert kiosk

Are you looking for a dessert kiosk? Do you plan to use a nice dessert booth to improve the business? Dessert is one of the popular sweet food that everyone likes to eat. Because desserts are some easy-to-make sweet hot or cold snacks, refreshing and delicious, eating them gives people a pleasant feeling. Examples are mung bean syrup, red bean syrup, sesame paste, sago soup, etc. The dessert kiosk made by My Food Kiosk is suitable for selling a wide variety of food items and you can place the equipment in the right place. For the sweet food booth of the mall, service counter design, decoration, and layout are very important. It will be a symbol of your shop theme that people can remember you well. Your new ideas and special requirements allowed us to add to the dessert to make it attractive. Purchasing mall food kiosk design as below. They may help you decide good food booth design

Starting a candy store in a mall is very easy to succeed because the mall has a lot of traffic and a large potential customer base. You only need to rent a location in the mall to start your business

How to open a successful dessert booth

1. Target customers

Doing a small business is the same as doing a big business. A business that meets the needs of the public can go further, so opening a dessert shop has a bright future. Men, women, and children love dessert and sweet food, and you will have a wide range of target customers. As long as your desert food booth is conspicuous enough, I believe that people are willing to buy food so that the daily turnover is guaranteed.

2. Choose a good stall

Even in high-end malls, choosing a good location is still very important. Such as the location near the elevator, near the movie hall, the children’s play area, and so on. It is very important that your booth is easy to find and easy to remember. Ideally, your booth is a must-pass in and out of the mall, but it also means more rent. So you can rent a good cupcake booth within an affordable budget.

3. Buy a unique desert kiosk

It is necessary to take the time to create a high-end and popular dessert kiosk interior design. For mall candy kiosks, decoration and unique styling are the keys to your business standing out from the crowd. It is very important that the Dessert stall is in line with the brand and the expectations of the target customers. In addition, desert kiosks should pay more attention to purchasing elegant and refined dishes, so that customers will feel comfortable when they see the tableware and think that this store is tasteful enough to be praised again. If the location allows, you can set up a bar counter or eating area, so that guests can sit and enjoy desserts.

4. Adapt to popular pricing

Dessert’s pricing determines your customer base. Know the prices of your peers, and avoid prices that are too high or too low. Too high prices discourage consumers, while too low prices are easy to suspect. Of course, if your food stall is in a high-end mall, your prices can be slightly higher.

Besides, the variety of desserts is not the more the better. Because if you are in the entrepreneurial stage, 7-8 varieties are enough, otherwise the guests may be dissatisfied due to the long wait. If you have employees, you can appropriately increase the variety to meet the needs of more guests.

5. Taste is the more critical factor

The best way to attract repeat customers is to have your own special flavor. Compared with cupcake kiosk decoration, people are more concerned about the taste, nutrition, and hygiene of food. As long as the desserts are of good quality and the store is clean and beautiful, you won’t have to worry about running out of business. It is very important to get good word of mouth, and sometimes the sweets don’t taste good and they are simply thrown away so as not to sell a bad sign. Therefore, when cooking desserts, you should adhere to the principle of “preferring essence and not overdoing it”, and cooking them in moderation after they are sold out, so as to keep the products always fresh.

Materials for dessert kiosk

  • Basic material: MDF or Plywood
  • Surface material: Baking paint, lamination, veneer, tile, or aluminum composite panel, etc.
  • Logo material: Acrylic, stainless steel, wooden, Neon, etc.
  • Other materials: 8mm tempered glass, artificial stone, green plants, solid wood, LED light lamps, hardware, etc.

The designer team and construction team will help you choose suitable materials to build the dessert counter. What you have to do is confirm the dessert style. You can also tell us if you have the required materials.

About My Food Kiosk

The desert kiosk produced by our company is widely popular in high-end malls, such as Westfield mall, Simon mall, GGP, etc. Due to our customized service, merchants can get their ideal beverage kiosk. The designers of My Food Kiosk propose new designs every day according to different requirements. Our factory has highly skilled workers and a quality inspection team to control the production process. All desert stalls are hand-made, with reasonable structure and guaranteed quality. If you want a mall kiosk that can serve a longer time, contact us now