Donuts, also called doughnuts, are a popular snack among young people. Children and teenagers like donuts very much. Donuts’ cost is low, and they have many different tastes and flavors for your choice. And it looks very lovely and beautiful. The front side is usually a display and sale area. There will be a glass display case and a cash counter. The back, left, and right sides can be used for machines and cooking donuts. The kiosk surface will have illuminated logos and light boxes for advertising. As usual, you also need a tall pylon to put the light box menu or TV menu. Sinks are also needed; they are usually put on the back side of the counter. Because we always use water and machines, we usually need to use stone for countertops. It is very durable, easy to clean, and very nice. The kiosk surface can be laminate, aluminum composite, etc.

How to open a donut kiosk?

1.You need to write a business plan

2.You need to check the cost to open a donut kiosk in mall

Before you start a donut kiosk, you need to take all costs into consideration. There will be kiosk costs, machine costs, stuff costs, materials costs, rent costs, etc. You need to raise enough funds to start your own business.

3.Order the equipment for your donut kiosk

You need to order the machines and equipment for your donut kiosk. Mixers, blenders, fryers, display cases, fridges, etc.

4.Work to get the licenses, permits, certifications

5. Hire and train staff

Before you start your donut business, you need to hire and train your staff.

6.Customize your donut kiosk

To start a donut business, you need to find a professional design team to help you design this kiosk, then find a good supplier to make it for you.

4 tips to open a donut kiosk successfully

donut kiosk

Tip 1: Positioning

The best customer groups for dessert shops are young women, college students, middle school students, couples, etc. Different people have different tastes and preferences. When positioning, it is best to do some questionnaires to investigate what kind of desserts the group you want to target likes, what price they can accept, etc., to prepare for opening your own store.

Tip 2: Product selection

Corresponding to the positioning is the choice of products. For mid-to-high-end dessert shops, it is best to choose Hong Kong-style desserts, fruit scoops, or Western-style desserts. For mid-to-low-end desserts, it is best to match Cantonese-style desserts, Taiwanese milk tea and ice cream, and takeaway-style desserts. Then consider milk tea, frozen tea, and fruity refreshing drinks.

TIP 3: Location selection

For young women, mid-to-high-end dessert shops in commercial districts are the best, and for middle school students, it is best to open mid-to-low-end dessert shops in the neighborhood near the school. In the office area of the business district, medium-to-high-end, high-quality dessert shops will be more popular. Of course, where there is a lot of traffic, dessert shops in the form of takeout are also very easy to find. Generally speaking, it is best for dessert shops to choose pedestrian streets, commercial areas, office areas, and school areas to open stores. Others, such as stations, industrial areas, and large supermarkets, can also be selected. Remember that the larger the flow of people, the better.

How to customize your own dessert kiosk?

If you also want to start a sweet dessert kiosk in a mall, you need to know the steps.

  1. Before you start, you need to go to the mall to see if it has a good location and if there are competitors near you.
  2. You must discuss with the mall to get the lease.
  3. After you get the lease, you need to find a professional design team to help you design the kiosk. You can tell the designer your requirements, such as the colors you want, your location size, your machines, your logo, your menus, how you want to layout them, etc. You need to submit the design plan for mall approval.
  4. After getting approval, you need to find a professional factory to help you build this donut kiosk.

Equipment needed in a mall donut kiosk

When making the donuts, you will usually use these machines: mixer, fryer, chocolate maker, oven, fridge, donut display case, etc. The donut display case, as usual, will be placed on the front side counter, near the cash counter. The back side, as usual, will have a fryer, mixer, etc.