Mobile food cart already becomes the first choice for small business. You can see street food carts&bikes in many places, school gates, playgrounds, park gates, on the street, outside shopping malls, any place with a lot of traffic, bustling places are good choices. There have many places can choose, and no need high rent like shopping mall. Small size and mobile wheels make them very flexible and smart. You just need to order a cart, buy some food materials and few machines then can start your own business. The outdoor food trolley are not heavy, so you can push them easily. If you need always change places, you can also choose mobile food bikes, they can ride. They can used to sell many different kinds of food and beverage, such as coffee, ice cream, candy, snacks, fast food, juice etc. So if you are new started, your budget is small, opening a street food cart will be a good choice for you, its cost is small, can help you earn money back soon. If you plan to start your own street food stand business, view the designs below! They can give you some ideas.

street food bike

coffee bike


Street food bike is a flexible mobile food service station. Different as normal food carts, it comes with a bike which can ride. It can used for adverting, sell and display food and beverage. The body will used to cook and sell food. Countertop as usually will use stone or stainless steel, because their will have machines and water on the countertop. The body surface can use laminate or stainless steel, if your side weather not good, then can use stainless steel better. Under the countertop can do some drawers and cabinets for storage. It is very suitable for small business. We can customize the street food bike as your needs, size, colors, style all can customize. My food kiosk will help you get your smart mobile beverage cart.

The advantages of a street food cart

  • Low start-up cost

If you want to try a small business and don’t want to invest a lot of money. Then the mobile cart must be your first choice. You can open in a variety of places outdoors, without expensive rent, management fees, or renovations. You just need to buy a food cart, buy some necessary equipment, and one person can start your business.

  • Huge Profit Margins

You can put your food cart where have a lot of people pass by, such as street,outside of shopping malls. On your menu, you can write a favorable price and do some promotion, this way can enlarge your sale. Because cost is very small, so you can earn money very soon.

  • Flexible and mobile

If you opened a retail coffee shop, the location is not good, it will affect your business a lot. If you open a street food cart will be quite different. The locations which can choose are very flexible and widely. If the location not good, you can move to another place.

  • Easy to maintain

If you always use the food cart outdoor, you can choose stainless steel or fiberglass street food stands. They are very durable and easy to maintain.

The 5 most common types of street food stand

  • Ice cream food stand

Ice cream is the most popular snack in hot summer. If you want to do a small business, sell ice cream is a good choice. Browse our web you will find many nice ice cream carts, they are in different styles and colors for your choice.

food cartCoffee&juice cart

Coffee and juice are the most popular drinks on the world. People love to have a cup of coffee when they go on street. We supply coffee cart, coffee bike, coffee truck and also coffee trailer.

  • Fast food&snack food trolley

Fast food&snacks are greatly welcomed by people, they can finish very fast, no need wait long time. So people who are in a hurry to work really like fast food. If you have no money to open a fast food shop, you can choose to open a fast food cart.

  • Candy cart

Sell candies also a good choice. And it no need machines, very easy to operate. You can open a candy cart to start your own business.

  • Cake&bakery cart

Sweet cake&bakery are also very popular. My food kiosk can supply you different kinds of cake carts. We also do customize, can help you make your cart as your needs.


How to open a street food truck ?

  • First Step: Market Research

Before you start a business, you should first conduct a thorough market research. You need to look at whether there are competitors doing the same business around; the level of consumption around, the flow of people, whether the transportation is convenient, etc. This is very important.

  • Purchase food truck equipment

Before you start, you need to check what machines you need, you need to order them.

  • Create your menu

The menu is very important. In your menu need show some featured products and some promotional products.

  • Order a street food truck

A functional and nice street food truck can help your business a lot. You need to find a good supplier to customize the street food cart.

Customize your food cart from Myfoodkiosk

Myfoodkiosk aim to supply each client bust service and products. We already helped many customers started their food cart business. We can make different kinds of outdoor furniture, from food carts to food concession stand to street food stall.If you have any needs, just feel free to contact us!