Food concession stand is a booth used to sell food or beverage. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor. Tenants need to sign a contract with the landlord of these establishments to obtain a franchise. Now more and more people are opening food concession stand. On the one hand, there are many places to choose from. You can choose to be in any place with high traffic, such as outside the mall, outside the amusement park, stadium, street or other entertainment venues. On the other hand, the rent is much lower than in the mall. The start-up cost of a food concession stand is lower than restaurants and food trucks, so it is gaining popularity. It has become a very desirable business model. If you also want to start your business, without a lot of capital and experience, you can choose to open a food concession stand.

How to Start A Concession Stand

  • Investigate the market and market conditions.

Do your market research carefully before opening an outdoor concession stand. For example, if you open an ice cream concession stand, you need to see if there is a booth that sells ice cream nearby. Investigate the flow of people, traffic conditions, and people’s spending preferences.

  • food concession stand Develop a business plan

You have to do a complete business plan before you start your startup. It can help you quickly understand the process of doing business, financial situation, target audience.

  • Purchase food concession stand

You can choose to customize this food concession stand from a specialized factory. You need to consider what size you need to make, what color you want, what machine you want, and how you want the layout. They can help you design and customize this food concession stand.

  • Buy the machine you need

After you have decided what food and beverages you want to sell, you need to buy the relevant machinery and equipment.

  • Design and make your logo and menu

Logo is your brand and it is very important. The menu is the basis for guests to order, the price setting should be reasonable, and the taste should be diverse.

  • Get the Required Licenses and Permits

Before you start you need get permits from health department and city.

Concession booth types

  • Stationary Concession Stands

A  stationary concession booth is a stand that cannot move and has no wheels. They are usually used in some fixed places to do some fixed food business. The most common is to sell some prepared food and drink or ready-made snacks.

  • Mobile food truck

Food truck is a concession stand with kitchen facilities and counters that can be driven away like a car. It will be equipped with stainless steel work counters, sinks, machinery and equipment, as well as wires and sockets. At the same time it has a driver’s seat, and you can drive it wherever you want to go. This truck is very flexible and convenient and very popular.Its cost will be much higher than a stationary concession booth.

  • Concession Trailers

Concession trailers are a kind of concession stand that need to be moved by a train. It can provide remote mobility, powered by gas or generator. It will also have a kitchen inside with the required work counters and amenities. Its cost is generally much lower than a food truck.

Each concession stand has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the corresponding concession stand according to your needs.

Benefits of Running a Concession Stand

A concession stand has many benefits.

  • Low startup cost

If you open a restaurant, you need to invest a lot of money. Not only do you have to pay exorbitant rent, but you also need to renovate your storefront and buy furniture and counters. You don’t have these problems if you have a concession stand. You just need to buy a stand, buy the equipment you need and start your business. The process is very simple.

  • Low threshold

To open a kiosk or restaurant in a mall, you need to get approval from the city, mall, health department. Outdoors you just have to get city approval.

  • Quick cost recovery and profitability

The mobility of the food concession stand adds a lot of advantages to it. You can move it anywhere with a lot of traffic, so you can make money quickly.

What Can I Sell in a Concession Stand?

If you want to open a concession stand, you first need to confirm what kind of food and beverages are available. When choosing, it is best to choose some high-selling, popular, easy-to-make foods and beverage.

Here are a few simple and popular foods:

  1. Popcorn
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Milk tea and juice
  4. Fried food
  5. Hot Dogs
  6. Coffee


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