The food trailer is a kind of concession stand that needs to be moved and replaced by a food truck. It is generally used outdoors, using high-quality steel or other sturdy metal materials that are waterproof and sunscreen-resistant, and is very suitable for outdoor use. It has wheels on the bottom, so you can use a truck to connect the trailer and then move it. It usually has windows open to sell food and drinks in the front, and ventilation windows and doors are generally left on the sides. You can turn it off at night, which is very safe. If you also want to start a food business but do not have enough money, you can choose to open a food van. They can be used in many places outdoors: on squares, streets, park entrances, outside shopping malls, etc. They can be used to sell different kinds of food and beverages. In a food trailer, you can sell coffee and tea, snack food, fast food, and ice cream.

The advantages of mobile food van

Food trailer industry data shows that food trailer sales have been rising in recent years. The main reasons are its convenience, practicality, and low cost. For people who are just starting out or want to open a small kiosk, a mobile food van can help reduce costs and avoid obstacles. The advantages of food trailers in their own right provide great opportunities for those who are just starting out.

  • Free choice of business location

food trailer If you open a traditional food store or mall kiosk, the customer flow risk is high due to the fixed location and fixed customer flow. A mobile food trailer can be moved by truck, which is very flexible and convenient. You can move your food trailer to wherever there is a lot of traffic and prosperity. You can change locations very flexibly, which greatly reduces risk and increases revenue.

  • Low startup cost

If you open a food store or restaurant, you not only have to bear the high rent but also renovate the storefront and buy furniture, which requires a lot of money. If you open a food truck, you only need to buy a food trailer and some necessary equipment, and the cost is greatly reduced.

  • Fast startup time

In a traditional food shop, you need to find a place, negotiate with the landlord, and renovate. The process is very complicated; if you drive a food trailer, you don’t need to wait. The food trailer is already equipped with the necessary counters, sinks, electrical wiring, and sockets; you just need to buy your equipment and start your business.

  • Save labor cost

If you open a food restaurant, you need to hire many people to work. If you choose a mobile food restaurant, then just 2-3 items will be okay.

Our mobile food trailers include the following types

  • Coffee trailer

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks. Many people prefer to have a cup of coffee when they go out on the street. So open a coffee trailer is a good choice.

  • Ice cream trailer

Ice cream is the most popular snack in the summer. If you don’t know what kind of food to sell, ice cream is good. The start cost is low, and you can earn money back very soon.

  • Candy trailer                                                                                              

Compared with opening a candy kiosk in a mall, you can open a food concession stand outdoors. Candies are greatly welcomed by children and young people.

  • BBQ trailer

BBQ food is very popular among young people. Order some BBQ snack, drink some wine, chat with friends is an amazing feeling.

  • Hot dog trailer

Hot dogs are also a good choice for small businesses. It is easy to operate, and the cost is small.

  • Pizza trailer

Pizza is a very popular fast food. You can also choose to open a pizza trailer to start your own business.

How to open a food truck?

If you’re going to open a food truck, you’re going to have to do a lot of preparation. You need a viable business plan, a well-equipped food truck, and a solid marketing strategy to attract customers. If you’re looking for a profitable project, then a food truck is a great option.

Starting a mobile food truck usually requires the following steps:

Investigate the local market, the flow of people, traffic, people’s consumption preferences, etc.

  • Choose what kind of food to sell
  • Raise funds for your food truck
  • Obtain licenses, permits
  • Design your menu
  • Buy your food truck
  • Buy equipment and supplies

Outdoor trailer manufacturer

MyFoodKiosk has already helped many customers start their street food trailer businesses. We are a direct factory involved in designing and manufacturing the street food stall. We can supply different kinds of food trailers: ice cream trailers, coffee trailers, fast food trailers, candy trailers, etc. If you also want to start your own food trailer and want more details, just feel free to contact us.