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Unique is a direct manufacturer mainly do customized for mall food kiosk service .We are committed to building all kinds of food kiosks , mainly for juice ,ice cream , coffee yogurt , smoothie , popcorn , corn , candy , cake , bakery etc other display kiosk design and build . Our design concept and ideas to our fabrication and build process makes install easy and safe. We have the best price and low cost display commercial furniture and had good reputation in customers.


All of our mall kiosk are high quality and affordable cost, cleverly designed and easy to install, and have always been a leader in the world., we provide many food kiosk for GGP , simon and Westfield. also build many famous brand kiosk ,such as starbucks , dodo , my culture etc . We are flexible in design and construction, which is why we can customize . As long as you have ideas, all can be realized .

Food Kiosk Design