Food kiosk in mall

Are you looking for an attractive food kiosk in the shopping mall? Food cabinets come in different shapes and designs, and different types of food require different types of food kiosks. For example, a display case with glass is more suitable for displaying chocolates, cookies, and cupcakes. And ice cream kiosks, frozen yogurt kiosks, and smoothie kiosks need enough space for a freezer. When you sell juice, coffee, bubble tea, and other beverages, we can place coffee machines, mixers, and sealers on the countertop. As a mall food kiosk, consider having a separate kitchen work area with a sink to keep the work counter clean. If your location is far from a water source, consider adding a water system. No matter what kind of food you sell, you can find the right food kiosk in My Food Kiosk. View mall food kiosk designs below.

There are many unique shapes of food booths because everyone likes the food shop’s design according to their thoughts and to highlight the business. My food kiosk can help you customize the food kiosk; it has a unique logo, a service counter, a working table, storage cabinets, and even an advertising wall. We can make full use of the space to start a business.

Types of Food Booth in the mall

Crepe kiosk and waffle kiosk

Whether you’re selling pancakes or waffles, you can start a business at the food booth. Because you need to place the pancake maker on the counter, at the same time you can increase the topping counter to show different ingredients. You can choose brown or orange as the main color. Popular materials include wood veneer, stone countertops, and stainless steel.

Sushi kiosk

The sushi cabinet mainly creates a quiet atmosphere, usually with black and gray as the main colors. We need to focus on decorating the work area and seating area so guests can sit and eat fresh ingredients. The dining table can be close to the workbench so guests can see the sushi-making process, and when the chef finishes making the sushi, it can be handed to the guests as soon as possible.

Sweet candy kiosk

Dessert shops usually have a glass display showcase for customers to buy from. If you’re going to sell candy, opting for a mall kiosk with a multi-tiered display is a good idea. You can also add acrylic boxes, dispensers, and more to differentiate them.

Mobile food cart

The mobile food cart has become a popular business idea in recent years. Because it needs a small location to start, that allows people to start businesses easily. It fits in a fixed stall in the mall, or you can add wheels to move it to different locations.

Materials information

  • Plywood

Plywood is used as the basic material; it is mainly used to build the food kiosk body, which determines the good structure. We use plywood with high hardness; the thickness of the plate is 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, etc. We will choose the appropriate thickness according to the load-bearing requirements of the counter.

  • Tempered glass

8-mm tempered glass is the main material of the display showcase. Most of the mall food kiosks require adding a transparent baffle to the countertop as a sneeze guard. The glass has good light transmittance and can also keep customers away from food and equipment.

  • Stainless steel

#304 Stainless steel is used as a working table, and the water sink meets the requirements of food grade and can protect the work surface. At the same time, it is waterproof, not easy to rust, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant. Stainless steel can also be used as a submission protection countertop, prolonging its life.

  • Acrylic letters

The acrylic letter can make different types of logos and letters to meet the display requirements. Such as hollow-out logos, 3D luminous letters, and even backlit. Whatever logo you need, we have it all.

  • Menu board

The menu is very important for food kiosks; you can choose a static or dynamic menu in the right place. They can even be made into light boxes for easy viewing by customers.

About My Food Kiosk

My food kiosk is a manufacturer that we design and produce. We have more than 20 years of experience in production and design. Our kiosks are deeply loved by customers. Our food kiosk has been recognized by major high-end shopping malls because of its unique shape and environmentally friendly materials. Designers and engineers are constantly learning and improving themselves to get more good design ideas for customers. Whether you like modern, retro styles or food kiosks with special shapes, we can meet your requirements. Contact us now and get your perfect food kiosk design solution!