Mall Frozen Yogurt Kiosk

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Frozen yogurt is popular for its deliciousness and cooling sensation. More and more merchants are keen to open yogurt vending machine kiosks in malls to make a profit. In the face of a huge market and competitors, how to stand out is the biggest problem at the moment. In general, there are four aspects.

4 tips for yogurt kiosk success

1. Site selection: good location = half the battle

The store occupies an important position in the frozen yogurt kiosk chain. It is not only about the success of the business at the beginning but also lays the foundation for formulating marketing strategies and building a brand image in the future. It is very important to open an ice cream kiosk. Generally speaking, consumption places such as medium- and high-end residential areas, hypermarkets, and major traffic routes are good choices. The specific location should be determined according to your actual situation. Because of a little negligence, you may lose everything. Foot traffic and a potential customer base are the keys to business success.

2. Store advertising

ice cream kioskCustomers are all around us, but they don’t know you. Well, a variety of unique in-store advertisements are the easiest way to let customers know about our products and services. Store advertising is a window that reflects the comprehensive quality of a food booth, and frozen yogurt kiosk decoration is an important factor for customers to examine the consumption environment. You can post the latest activities and announcements in a fixed position so that customers can learn about some information they are interested in, such as popular food, star food, healthy food, etc., on the bubble tea kiosk.

Storefront advertisements should use bright colors to attract people. The content is mostly offers, promotion announcements, and seasonal healthy eating knowledge. The purpose of the storefront advertisement is to give pedestrians a clear impression and to help them understand the business content and style of the store.

3. Product quality and innovation

How to keep customers after they are attracted depends on the charm of the product itself. If you can let them linger, naturally the store will be prosperous, so the quality of the product is very important. As time goes by, no matter how delicious it is, you will get tired of it, so the release of new products is equally important. According to solar terms, seasons, events, launching new products, and creative and fun things, your frozen yogurt shop will be deeply loved by consumers.

4. Services

Colloquial expressions make people feel approachable and welcome. If you become friends with customers, you will win more trust and get more orders. And professional, standardized, and professional words will create a sense of distance. For customers with less specific requirements, you can appropriately recommend the best-selling products in the store so that it is easier to gain their favor.

What is the process of opening a yogurt kiosk in the mall?

  • Firstly, market analysis.

Analyze the environment and market surrounding your store. Is there a consumer market atmosphere in line with yogurt desserts? Is the consumer group the right one? The customers of yogurt shops are usually young people under the age of 30, with students as the main consumer group. Usually, the more populated the area where the mall is located, the denser it is.

  • Secondly, the decoration and style of the juice kiosk.

Starting a yogurt business in different shopping malls requires different rents, and the rents for different sizes of locations are also different. So when you sign the contract, you must calculate these rental expenses and set a reasonable budget. The decoration style of the frozen yogurt bar is equally important; it is the embodiment of your brand. Even if people see it and think of your business, conveying the brand concept is very important for opening a chain.

  • Thirdly, open a yogurt shop to apply for relevant licenses.

Yogurt kiosks need to go through the formalities of industrial and commercial business licenses, tax registration, food hygiene licenses, and environmental impact assessments. In order to save time, you can spend some money to find an agency.

My Food Kiosk Frozen Yogurt Stall

My Food Kiosk is a direct manufacturer of food kiosks, mainly providing customized services for food kiosks in shopping malls. We are committed to building all kinds of mall kiosks, including fast food kiosks, sushi kiosks, beverage booths, bubble tea counters, etc. Our design philosophy is to provide customers with a beautiful and functional food kiosk. The designer will take into account the structure and craftsmanship when making the frozen yogurt counter design and strive to simplify the installation steps, making them practical and safer. At the same time, we will combine the unique requirements of merchants and integrate them into the design of the frozen yogurt booth. As long as you have an idea, everything can be realized. We have a good reputation among our customers for cost-effective commercial furniture. Are you planning to start a business? Contact us now to set up a frozen yogurt booth!