Hot dogs are a very popular snack, and both adults and children love them. If you too want to start your own food business and are still thinking about what to sell, hot dogs can be a great option. Compared with opening a hot dog kiosk or hot dog shop, opening an outdoor hot dog kiosk would be a good choice. The outdoor location is very flexible; you can choose to open outside the park, on the street, in the square, outside the scenic spot, and so on. Where there are many people, you can open a hot dog kiosk. You don’t need to pay expensive rent, you don’t need renovations, and there will be a lot of traffic every day.

Outdoor hot dog stall

  • hot dog kiosk Kiosk Styles: We have a variety of styles for you to choose from. We professionally design styles for you according to your actual usage and configuration needs.
  • Kiosk Color: The size and color of the purchased products can be customized according to the surrounding environment or actual needs of the products.
  • Applicable places: Shopping plazas, commercial blocks, airport waiting halls, playgrounds, ticket offices at the entrance of parks, catering sales offices in scenic spots, pedestrian streets, etc.

Outdoor hot dog kiosk materials

  1. The internal frame is made of 80*80mm galvanized square steel welded to form a dragon skeleton, and the frame as a whole is treated with anti-rust treatment.
  2. The external sealing plate is made of high-quality galvanized sheet by bending, forming, and welding, and the exterior is sanded and then sprayed with waterproof paint, which can make the kiosk last more than 5 years.
  3. The external sealing plate is made of high-quality galvanized sheet by bending, forming, and welding, and the exterior is sanded and then sprayed with waterproof paint, which can make the kiosk last more than 5 years.
  4. The ceiling is luxuriously decorated, with standard lighting equipment, suspended ceilings, and flat-panel ceiling lamps.
  5. The electrical box is equipped with a watt-hour meter and an air switch as standard. The booth is equipped with five-hole sockets, ceiling lights, and switches. All the line casings in the booth are hidden on the mezzanine. This design is safe and reasonable, and it is convenient for maintenance.

Why choose our hot dog kiosk?

(1) Our hot dog kiosk is welded as a whole, the structure is firm and durable, and it has strong anti-vibration and anti-deformation capabilities.

(2) Our food kiosk is sprayed with perfluorocarbon as a whole, without fading.

(3) Our packaging is very sturdy. Our anti-collision foam and anti-scratch bubble bags are finally packed in wooden boxes and shipped all over the world in good condition.

(4) We adopt a new waterproof design and strict manufacturing process that have good sealing performance and completely eliminate water leakage.

(5) Our street food stall is fully equipped with air-conditioning racks, fluorescent lamps, workbenches, drawers, distribution boxes, power supplies, and switch lights.

(6) Our outdoor kiosk’s hidden wiring source is flat, beautiful, and safe, and the leakage protector protects the whole process to completely eliminate electrical safety accidents.

How to open a hot dog kiosk outdoor?

  • Looking for a good location

Before you open an outdoor hot dog kiosk, you must first research the local market and the consumption habits of local people. To choose a good location, the traffic should be very large and convenient.

  • Get permission from your local health department

Before you start your business, you will need to get the appropriate licenses and health certificates from your local health department.

  • Purchase the corresponding equipment.

You need to buy the equipment and machinery you need.

  • Customize your hot dog kiosk

The look and functionality of a kiosk directly affect your business. You need to find a professional outdoor kiosk manufacturer to customize your outdoor food kiosk. You can put your logo, menu, and some promotional posters on the surface to attract customers.

MyFoodkiosk is a factory specializing in the production and making of various outdoor food kiosk. We can customize all kinds of street food stalls; whether you are looking for an outdoor coffee kiosk, an outdoor ice cream kiosk, an outdoor fast food kiosk or other kiosks, you can find many styles on our website. We select high-quality galvanized sheet. Compared with galvanized plates such as stainless steel plates and steel structure plates, it is more flexible and soft. The plates are exquisite in workmanship, and high-quality steel is used as the main frame, which is very strong and durable. Appearance and color styles can be customized and adjusted according to customer needs. The interior space layout is fine and perfect, the functions are complete and more detailed, and it is committed to realizing high-quality and exquisite outdoor food kiosks.