how to build a coffee container shop?

How to build a coffee container shop ?


If you want to open a outdoor shop, you will looking for a high quality material, not only need consosider  rainning proof, waterbabies, but only need consider attractive and durable , but how to build a shop like this ? this is a question.

first, if you want build a kiosk used outdoor, metal is the first choice. refit container is more and more popular in the world, the the  second is looking for a direct manufacture, a professional design team. so, you can build a good shop. is very helpful your business.

Let me introduce us :

we are Shenzhen Uniuque furniture limited, honored as China’s leading shopping malls and stores furniture suppliers,has more than ten year experience in creating professional showcase, cabinet, kiosks.We design different kinds of shopping malls kiosk, counters, cabinet ,carts, food kiosk ,coffee kiosk , tea kiosk ,hair dressing kiosk and showcase ,some as cashier, jewelry , jewelry store design decoration, cosmetics showcase, showcase mobile phone, clothing shoes showcase, crafts gift showcase, supermarket stores overall matching furniture various specialshaped showcase. Our work Process covers the carpentry, paint, hardware, stainless steel, iron, acrylic, we can make it in fashion and unique style, we have personalized management, standardized production process, advanced process equipment, We can design large shopping center and complete the construction of large area, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores decoration design quantity format. Make your brand in the market to win more economic benefits.

Let me showing a container shop design for your check :

This is a 40 feet container food shop, mainly material is metal, 12032mm(L)x2352mm(W)x2393mm(H), with wooden cabinet, artificial stone work table, table, chair stairs.light box, your Logo and so on, all of anything about this container shop can customized for you. just tell us your special ideas, we will make a new design to you.

coffee container shop coffee container shop coffee container shop coffee container shop


Some real production pictures for your check:

coffee container shop

packing and shipping :

shipping and packing


Thanks for your time and looking forward to your inquiry, if you want to know more information about this kiosk please contact me as below.

  • Skype : uniquefurniturejane
  • Whatsapp : + 86 186 6535 8507
  • Email:


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