How to build a bubble tea kiosk ?

How to build a bubble tea kiosk ?

With the progress of the times, the progress of science and technology, food industry more and more popular, more economic minds of businessmen intend to open their own food industry, but how to open a food store, how to open a food store .Maybe you still looking for a high quality and reasonable price with manufacture like us, maybe you are worry about how to drawing a good design for your store.Don’t worry,we have our design team, we can make design according to your requirement.

Step 1

Select a suitable location. An ideal location for a food business would be in close proximity to a gaming supply store or clothes shop in a shopping mall. Find a location that provides steady high traffic and is accessible to customers and window shoppers. For this reason, many food businesses choose to lease kiosk space–which provides high traffic at a lower cost than leasing retail space. but do you know How to open a food store ?

continue reading , Unique give you tips on shop store steps.
If you are considering leasing retail space, be aware that most commercial leases are “NNN” or “Triple N,”which stands for “triple net” and includes not only lease price per square foot, but also includes two other charges for property taxes and maintenance.

if you want to know how to open a food store,you also need to learn the market.


The below is some bubble tea kiosk design for your reference :


juice kiosk

nut kiosk

bubble tea kiosk



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