How to bulid a frozen yogurt kiosk ?

How to bulid a frozen yogurt kiosk ?


If you want to open a yogurt shop. you need a frozen yogurt kiosk for your business, but how to build a good kiosk ?  this is a question. 

first, you need looking for a shop location. consirm the shop size, them, looking for a good kiosk design. the important is you need a good manufacture factory.

a good factory can build a high quality kiosk, is very helpful for business, but how to looking for a good manufacturer ? i think we are your best choice, we mainly do customized of kiosk, we are  kiosk designer and manufacturer, all of our product are customized according to your requirement, we have more than seven years experience, we have our factory and office, we have our professional design team, they can make a new design according to all of your requirement, so, we are  your best choice.

Let me introduce this frozen yogurt kiosk to you. 

first, this is 3D design for this kiosk :

This is a mall frozen yogurt kiosk in green . size usually is 8 by 8 feet , can customized, main material is plywood, laminate finish, artificial stone work table, tempered glass. have two frozen yogurt machine on this kiosk, topping for showing your yogurt , Light box with your menu, acrylic Logo and so on.

frozen yogurt kiosk     frozen yogurt kiosk frozen yogurt kiosk yogurt-kiosk-08


Unique furniture limited , mainly customized mall kiosk, all of product are customized,Every detail can be according to your request, such as food kiosk, cosmetic kiosk, jewelry kiosk, eyebrow kiosk, nail kiosk, teeth kiosk, hair kiosk and so on,  just tell us what are  you looking for, let we know all of your requirement, we will build a beaty and high quality kiosk to you.

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