How to clean and maintain your food trailer? 

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Food trailers are a very popular food business. You can use trailers to deliver food in front of customers. More and more people like to buy food from food trucks or kiosks. It’s easy and useful, which makes it popular all over the world.

You can put Food carts and outdoor kiosks  in many public places, such as shopping malls, trade plazas, schools, bus stations, parks, etc. The new food carts bring us good customer flow and opportunities to earn money. Therefore, we should protect our food carts and provide customers with the purchase experience. And here are a few tips on cleaning and maintaining your food trailers. 

food trucks


With economic development and increased income, the living standard has also improved. People are no longer satisfied with the street food kiosks and snack trailers because outdoor sanitation is not guaranteed. 

So, A fully enclosed mobile electric food trailers comes up. The doors and windows of the car are novel, and the steps are intimate: the novel door and window opening and closing structure and the intimate welcome steps improve the customer experience.

The new multi-breakfast food truck adopts the exclusive three-layer thermal insulation design, which is waterproof, heat-insulating and cold resistant; The car body is made of unique anti-corrosion materials, with a service life of up to 30 years, which is 5 times the service life of dining cars in the same industry. 

The carriage has a stainless steel operating platform, a stainless steel food rack, and a hand washing basin. Moreover, you can place a locker below to store raw materials and tools. The car’s outer body is painted with a large photo, which is beautiful, generous, and easy to attract the attention of most customer groups.

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Maintain Methods

What details should I pay attention to when cleaning the snack bar? Users pay more attention to food quality and safety. Thus, An electric fast food restaurant with extensive financial resources is not only delicious but also clean and tidy, which makes people feel fresh and tidy, thus attracting more and more consumers. Here are some details you should consider when cleaning the food trailer.

  1. The appearance of the electric snack truck must be as clean and tidy as new. If you want to know a lot of roadside snacks at a glance, you only have to work hard on the appearance design, carefully decorate the design, clean and tidy, unusual, and consistent with the theme style of the ingredients.
  2. The sanitary appliances used by electric snack trucks should always keep clean, and place the tabletop clean and tidy. Many stores are usually too busy doing business to ignore such small key points, but details are the main treasure to attract customers.
  3. Meat oil and carbon fire are separated during production and manufacturing. There is no oil smoke and ash residue pollution, which is the only way to improve health.
  4. When cleaning the food cart, you must clean the whole car without mud stains before the car stops. Before the food trailer, use the jack to put the car up so that the tires and suspension components will rest.
  5. If the parking area is ventilated and dry, you must ventilate the garage frequently to keep the relative air humidity below 70%. And use Oil grease or oil paper on the parts that are easily rusted and on the surface. Then seal the pores on each assembly to prevent air, moisture and dust from entering the interior.

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Stainless Steel Worktops Cleaning

The stainless steel panel inside the food kiosk and trailer is very easy to clean. Immerse the cloth in clean water, screw out the excess water and gently wipe it. If the dirt is stubborn or greasy, the team should carefully wipe it with a special detergent for snack trucks.

If the oil stain is very dirty, it should be cleaned several times. After all, it is a health problem. Here we remind you that the dirt on the drainage pipe is not easy to clean. You can use coffee grounds to pour it into the dishwasher and then wash it away with water to remove the odour and grease in the pipe.

Blowdown Pipe Cleaning

Stains on drains are often difficult to clean. You can use coffee grounds to pour them into the sink and then rinse them with water to remove the smell and greasy in the pipe. When cleaning the dining car, use a soft cloth to avoid scratches. For stubborn stains that are not easy to clean, you can use radish or cucumber chips dipped in detergent to scrub.

More Tips On Food Trailers Maintaining

Pay attention to those key points when cleaning the electric snack truck. In general, if you work hard, this is no problem. The advantage of the electric snack kiosk is that it can keep out wind, wind and rain even when flying sand and ash are removed outside. 

The electric snack car uses a surrounding method, which makes it feel warmer and cleaner. The surrounding electric snack trucks reduce the external dust and environmental pollution and are easier to clean. All consumers should use this advantage flexibly, do a good job in environmental sanitation, and provide high-quality services.

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