How to design and layout a unique optical store

Would you like to have an eyewear shop full of design, a location where you can be hospitable and happy to work? The optical store design requires a specific layout to speed up the ordering process. That’s why we provide you with solutions to create your ideal optical store layout!

1. Optical store layout

Getting your optical shop counter location right is crucial to show your customers friendliness and welcome them. Not only that: it’s a matter of optimizing the display of eyewear and optical accessories to encourage customers to buy. How to arrange all the counters in a limited space is a real challenge! Therefore, a good layout of an optical shop can meet specific requirements by making full use of the available space. For example, show customers as many frames as possible while categorizing them to differentiate eyeglass types. Sunglasses, women’s, men’s glasses, summer and winter sports frames, etc. are displayed in different areas or on display counters. This makes it easier for customers to choose and for clerks to organize.Please clink here for more optical store.

It may be interesting to delineate the space for each work area by determining the floor plan and dimensions of the site. You need information, such as the dimensions of the walls, the height under the ceiling, the opening direction of doors and windows, whether there are pillars, the location of the electrical boxes, etc. As part of an optical shop layout, walls play an important role.The optical shop usually includes the following areas: sales and display areas; workshops for installing glasses creations; vision examination rooms; changing rooms for staff.

2. Common optical shop style

The decoration of the storefront brings a special atmosphere; therefore it is advisable to attach great importance to the decoration of the store! If you want a designer eyewear store, there are a variety of styles to choose from – to suit your tastes and needs.

Classic Style: The basic black and white color scheme immediately give a very professional vibe. High-end styles, presenting high-quality glasses! White walls and black furniture or vice versa can create a very luxurious environment.

Industrial vibe: This type of optical shop decoration suggestion adds a retro vibe to the store. Show the true personality of all glasses! This style mixes several materials: metal, wood, and concrete.Please clink here for more optical store.

Natural and eco-friendly atmosphere: Wood furniture is to create a high-end atmosphere for the optical store. This warm and unique place invites you to relax and is perfect for trying on glasses in a zen atmosphere. We like to mix the wood of the floor with the furniture of the same material. There’s a hint of white paint and greenery on the shelves.

3.Optical shop decoration layout skills

Children’s area furniture: Small children are attracted by bright colors and unique shapes! Therefore, you can choose bright colors for the optical display; round, triangular or trapezoidal shapes; attractive elements such as cartoon characters, animals, etc.

Retro side: With the development of society, retro optical store atmosphere is more and more popular. For example, we like to mix wooden furniture, and wallpaper with geometric patterns and colors (blue, orange, olive green, etc.) to create a warm atmosphere.

Optical shop workspaces require good light to simplify the optician’s work. The same sales area also needs bright lights to highlight products and stores. If you have white walls, adding posters, stickers, etc. to your walls is a good idea. You can even add your brand name and image wall enrichment in place.Please clink here for more optical store.

4. Furniture for Optical Shop Designs

There are some peculiarities in the furnishing of optical shops: unlike fashion or grocery stores, we mainly focus on the layout of wall cabinets. Therefore, glasses need to be displayed in the sight of customers, and you can also choose wall-mounted shelving to save floor space. Aesthetics combined with practicality is a great idea for designing multifunctional optical shop furniture!

When choosing furniture according to the decoration of the optical shop, you must make a simple plan. The number of frames and types of glasses displayed in the space required for each area. Including sales, product display, workshop, eye examination room, etc. It’s better to make a floor plan and then follow the plan to make a 3D design and you can see the overall effect of the optical shop.

5.Choose optical shops have different types of furniture.

Wall display shelving:Optical displays of this type can display glasses in several ways. You can insert them into the wall like a closet. wall cabinets or use them fastened to panels. You can even set them to different heights to look better.

Glass display cabinets:Glass display cabinets This type of furniture is used to highlight the glasses frame, it can be made into curved, square, or even add glass laminates to enrich the display content. Glass display case with light strip to highlight the products.

Drawer display counter:It is usually under the frame and the counter with large sliding drawers allows quick access to the frame, and easy access to glasses for easy customer selection.Please clink here for more optical store.

Special Optics Information Desk:Once glasses are selected, the optician and the customer meet around a sales table, and the optician will go through the optometry, and the optician will facilitate the order. The counter contains boxes for administrative documents, eyeglass repair equipment, cabinets for frames, and even a cashier register for checking bills

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