How to open a cocktail bar?

What kind of wine will you serve when you want to start a wine bar business? Is it profitable? How to create this bar business, and what equipment is needed for it?

Opening a cocktail bar is a business idea that is attracting more and more entrepreneurs. Indeed, creating a cohabitation space where you can make a big profit by offering cocktails that will appeal to the greatest number is a business with everything to succeed. However, achieving this goal can be difficult for anyone who does not understand how the company of a cocktail bar works. Indeed, this concept is subject to many criteria that must meet to have the right to practice. In this sense, Knowing the correct procedure for opening a bar is advisable to improve your chances of making a profit from your business. We will see together how to open cocktail bars

What cold equipment and accessories are needed in a cocktail bar?

Whether it’s a restaurant, a cocktail bar or a whiskey bar, bar equipment requires in-depth knowledge, both in terms of the cocktails served and the desires of the customers. The crushed ice machine and the drinks fridge are mandatory cold equipment for a cocktail bar. Here is some other display equipment you need in a cocktail bar:

  • Bar counter;
  • Seating Booth;
  • Display Showcase;
  • Wall shelving Racks;
  • Advertising TV;
  • Signs & Banners;
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The crushed ice machine for a cocktail bar

The main function of the crushed ice machine is to produce cut ice for various drinks and cocktails. It is mainly for this reason that this device is appreciated by cocktail bars, restaurants and other establishments that serve cocktails and thirst-quenching products. Thanks to professional crushed ice machines, it is possible to crush ice in large quantities in a fairly short time

The drinks fridge for a cocktail bar

The drinks fridge can be a real advertising sign highlighting your cocktail bar, and it can also be an alternative to listing the different products you offer. Customers in a hurry can choose the cocktails they want and see them in the bar fridge in no time. And This facilitates their choices and their service for maximum satisfaction. The drinks fridge is a must for any professional to ensure a uniform temperature despite the different openings on demand.

What type of cocktail bar can you start?

Most vendors will choose to open an in-store restaurant-style cocktail bar because it can allow more people to enjoy the best wine. It not only offers the best place to enjoy the food but also offers an extraordinary circumstance for communication. 

You will also see some bar kiosks inside a shopping mall where you can buy a takeaway wine; just using a circled bar counter, you can start your business inside. It was quite similar to a coffee bar or bubble tea kiosk.

To create a mobile food bar, you can start with food trailers. With the variety of modern design concession trailers, you can bring your business infront of your people, especially in the business plaza or crowd market. 

What are the steps to follow to open a cocktail bar?

To open a cocktail bar, there are steps and procedures to follow. Every action and process is important and should not be taken lightly; these steps are essential for knowing how to open cocktail bars. 

Choose the cocktail bar concept.

Before opening a bar establishment, consider the concept you want to adopt. Indeed, many project parameters depend on the type of organization that matters:

  • Restaurant Interior design ;
  • Decoration;
  • Bar Furniture;
  • Food Carts;
  • The trade name;
  • Company name.
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The selection of the concept is a key element in the development of your project. Organizations for customers are not lacking, and developing a real concept will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and build loyalty.

It is then recommended to carry out a market study, to have an overview of what is happening in the area in which you plan to settle, and to identify the customers’ needs. For cocktail bars, the concept is the basis of openness.

Do market research

The next step is to conduct market research to analyze the industry, competitors, and customers. The results obtained will facilitate decision-making concerning:

  • The price to be applied;
  • Site selection;
  • Concept ;
  • potential suppliers.

In addition, the conclusions generated by this market analysis can be used to determine more or less precisely the prices to apply, the suppliers to cooperate with, the products to sell, the opening hours, and others.

Market research is used to get as much information as possible before launching your kiosks, increasing your chances of success. Knowing the competitors and their products helps you understand how to differentiate yourself, and you can take advantage of their mistakes so they don’t repeat themselves.

Establish the business plan

Writing a business plan is an important step in estimating the sustainability of the activity and the necessary financing. The document should clearly and comprehensively present the project, with financial tables to impress the banks. The business plan must include, among other things, a provisional budget, a provisional income statement and a provisional balance sheet.

Building the quantitative part of your business plan requires that you already have a fairly precise idea of ​​the prices charged, the products sold, and the margin achieved. Your business plan must also consider the costs incurred to hire the necessary employees. To manage and maintain your business.

Regulate administrative formalities

The opening of the bar requires the creation of a company. It is then necessary to carry out the formalities and administrative procedures related to the project and the constitution of a company.

A business license is required to open a cocktail bar establishment. You must complete training for the operating support on the rules applicable to drinking establishments, public health and public order to obtain it. The training lasts three days for the new operator. The operating permit is a license valid for up to 10 years. After that, a 7-hour compliance training must be completed.

Note that this procedure is mandatory for consuming cocktails on the site. You must include a liquor license to open a bar, and this license is the most suitable for the activity, as it allows the sale of alcohol of all kinds.

Create the company

Creating a banner for the bar’s opening means putting everything in place, from the sketch of the concept to the announcement of the establishment’s opening. To do this, you must choose the mode of legal status for opening your adapted bar to facilitate the creation of the business.

The business creation procedure for opening a bar depends on the choice of the legal status of opening. In general, the steps to be taken are related to the following points:

  • Declaration of activity with the CFE of the competent Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Creation of the business creation file (company statutes, proof of registered office, business creation form, and others);
  • Company registration for K-Bis.

Choose the location of the cocktail bar.

Renting premises is an interesting alternative to avoid investing too much in opening a cocktail bar. It is possible to switch to rental management or become a commercial lease owner. To begin with, renting the building is interesting for opening a bar. In addition, it is possible to buy one when the activity is booming.

Buying Houses to open a bar is a more profitable long-term option than renting. However, this is an investment that can be quite high. Therefore, You must choose the right place with care. Where To buy a place to open a bar? The choice is made according to location, size, price and condition

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