How to retain customers in your restaurant

It is known that acquiring a new customer costs five times as much as retaining an existing one! A restaurant’s success largely depends on regulars. That’s the reason why getting loyal repeat customers is a core part of your strategy. And employees should also strive to achieve the goal of maintaining old customers. The more satisfied your customers are, the more loyal they are to you. Will even recommend your restaurant to their friends/family with positive reviews for your establishment. Therefore, loyalty is a powerful marketing technique. Now let’s see how to turn your one-time customers into restaurant regulars!

Build and enrich your database

Contact details of your customers

Well-established data allows you to improve restaurant management and understand customers and their expectations to predict their needs. It’s also useful for personalizing the experience you offer them. Whether you are a traditional restaurant, independent restaurant, gourmet restaurant, franchise restaurant, or chain restaurant, the data collected can help you achieve these goals. To achieve it, you must create a customer profile and update your information each time a customer makes a reservation, order, or visit. As a result, you will be able to guarantee your customers a quality experience before, during, and after their restaurant visit. Send personalized messages to your customers as you plan your marketing campaigns to notify them of new dishes, and menu changes or promote your event or special menu (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Epiphany, Halloween, etc.). You can also send them to follow tags and discounts on their birthdays.

Sales data

Data management is not limited to the contact details of your clients, but also includes control over your sales data. What products do your customers like? Which package combination is attractive? Every restaurateur must know all this information to manage offers well. Every restaurant owner can use online sales and on-site sales (with QR code menus and tablet menus) to automatically retrieve their best products, average tickets, hot sale days, and more information. Therefore, he can adjust the menu in the direction the customer expects.

Provide the best customer experience

The quality of welcome and service provided within your establishment is essential. A pleasant environment and decor, good service, and delicious dishes improve the customer experience. You can also support online subscription package deals to increase customer satisfaction.


More than ever, consumers want the freedom to personalize their experiences. Restaurants are no exception, so have to adapt by offering menus and customizable dishes. Restaurants that offer personalized service as close as possible to customer expectations will have an easier time gaining loyalty. To provide the fairest personalized offer, you must know your customers very well. You can provide the appropriate options according to your client’s preferences: vegetarian or vegan options, product supplements (cheese, sauces, etc.), side dish options, beverages, etc. You can even create a multi-person combo to help your guests choose.


The menu is the most important part of a restaurant, and customers choose their favorite food through the menu. You can combine offline menus with online menus to help customers place orders quickly. Taking into account your customer’s taste preferences, allergens, food preferences, language, etc., putting information on the menu will give your customers an important impression of being recognized. The more you pamper them and personalize their welcome, the more regularly they will come to your restaurant!

The return of loyal customers

Set up special offers or discounts to reward your most loyal customers. Rewards are also an effective way to motivate other customers to order again. Depending on the type of restaurant you have, you can set up a loyalty program for frequent customers. For example, a loyalty card allows customers to win a dessert, an appetizer or a drink, or even a meal after visiting your restaurant. Some restaurants prefer to choose a discounted payment amount or a reduced percentage to spend on the spot, encouraging customers to come back to your restaurant to dine. If your customers are mostly office workers or bankers, you can introduce a membership card for lunchtime. With loyalty cards and customer databases, you can see how many times and how often your customers visit your store. You can even learn other interesting information, such as what meal a customer usually orders, his average spending, when he visits your establishment, etc. to personalize the customer’s loyalty to you.


Make signature dishes

One of the ways to increase customer loyalty is to allow them to discover and appreciate your signature dishes that are unique to your restaurant and that they won’t find among your competitors. Of course, this advice also applies to live catering! We’ve all experienced it before: you go to a restaurant and you taste a dish so delicious and eye-catching that you return to the restaurant many times, especially for this recipe, whether it’s an appetizer

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