When it comes to summer’s most popular food, it’s without a doubt ice cream. Now that there are many flavors of ice cream, you can also add fruit, chocolate, etc. to meet the needs of different people. When you’re feeling super hot, eating ice cream will instantly cool you down. So when you walk down the street, you will find a lot of ice cream parlors. If you also want to start a small business but do not have enough capital and are afraid of taking risks, you can open an ice cream kiosk in the mall first. It only needs a small place, and the traffic in the mall is high. While selling ice cream, you can also sell some frozen yogurt, milk tea, and snacks.

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The Best Gelato kiosk design

When purchasing a mall kiosk for ice cream, the design is always the first and most important part. Therefore, you need to work with the kiosk manufacturer to finalize a professional 3D rendering and construction plan that indicates all the detailed materials and measurements. Most shopping malls will need to approve all the drawings and programs before you can move in.

In addition to the necessary work counters, sales counters, and lockers, an ice cream kiosk also needs a sink and a salad bar with topping pans for people to select the fruits. Of course, the menu and logo are also essential, and the menu is generally placed at the cashier. Next, it is convenient for people to order food and check the price, and logos are typically placed in a relatively high or conspicuous position. You can also add some light boxes around the kiosk and put some tempting food posters inside, which can help attract customers and have a good publicity effect.

Mall ice cream kiosk

Typically, wwo places have the best ice cream retail businesses: the outdoor street and inside the shopping mall. If you are a new starter, the best option is to open a kiosk in a mall. You can also retail juice, popsicles, chocolate, candies, and frozen yogurt in your ice cream stall. If you start an ice cream trailer or outdoor ice cream stand, you will be more flexible with the product categories.

ice cream kiosk

Because ice cream kiosks often use machines, equipment, and water, artificial stone or quartz stone is generally used for countertops. Stone countertops are waterproof, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and strong. The surface can be solid wood, fireproof board, or aluminum-plastic board. The logo generally uses an acrylic light-emitting logo so that it will look very bright.


Is opening an ice cream stall profitable?

Many customers always ask, Is it possible to open an ice cream shop to make money now? Is it profitable? The answer is yes.

  • The cost of ice cream is low, and the profit is high: Packaged ice cream profits are around 20% of the cost. In a homemade ice cream shop, the profit on first-made ice cream can be as high as 60% or more of the price.
  • The consumer market for ice cream is vast: Packaged ice cream profits are around 20% of the cost. In a homemade ice cream shop, the profit on first-made ice cream can be as high as 60% or more of the price.

How much money do you need to open a rolled ice cream kiosk?

Ice cream kiosk investment mainly has the following fees:

  • Rent: Rents vary widely by location. If a frozen yogurt kiosk is opened in a more sought-after area, the rent will be high; if the room is relatively small, the rent will be much lower. If you don’t have enough rent, you can first choose a location with low rent and increase publicity.
  • Equipment cost: Ice cream machines, display cabinets, and ice machines are relatively expensive. Others include stainless steel workbenches, refrigerators, sealers, coffee machines, and water boilers. If you sell other foods, you will also use some other appliances.
  • Raw material cost: Some raw materials are necessary, including ice cream powder, fruit juice concentrate, jam, chocolate powder, milk tea powder, creamer, fruit, cream, sugar, honey, and condensed milk.
  • Kiosk cost: To start your own ice cream business, you need to customize your ice cream counter. An excellent and functional ice cream booth can help your business a lot. And you need to find a professional supplier to help you build this food kiosk.

How to open an ice cream kiosk in a mall?

With the growth of consumer demand, starting an ice cream retail booth in a shopping mall or business plaza has become many vendors’ first choice.

  1. Do a good job in market research: First, do market research in the local market. The survey contents include: what kind of ice cream local citizens like and want to eat; how long it is suitable for local people to eat ice cream; how many ice cream shops are in the local market; whether they are saturated; and so on.
  2. To choose the location of the ice cream: Who is your ice cream mainly aimed at, whether it is students or young and middle-aged people, whether it is packaged ice cream or handmade ice cream? We recommend making artisanal ice cream.
  3. Choose a good location: Suitable places for ice cream kiosks are near schools, pedestrian streets, commercial areas, and department stores. And to avoid vicious competition, it is better not to have similar ice cream kiosks within 500 meters of the surrounding area.
  4. Complete the necessary procedures: Most importantly, you must find the city and relevant departments for necessary documents, such as permits, health certificates, business licenses, etc.

When starting an ice cream business, you must advertise well and increase promotion. Especially during a certain period, such as off-season and holidays, it is necessary to do an excellent job of advertising, issue vouchers to people, attract people to call to consume, adopt the method of small profits but quick turnover, and continuously expand the popularity of your ice cream.

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There are many kinds of ice cream on the market now. In addition to traditional soft ice cream, hard ice cream, rolled ice cream, nitrogen ice cream, and ice cream cones have become increasingly popular in recent years. So you can try different kinds of ice cream to meet people’s needs. No matter what ice cream kiosk you’re looking for, MyFoodKiosk has it covered. Check out our website, and you’ll find a wide variety of ice cream kiosks. And we offer custom services to help you design and customize this ice cream booth. Feel free to contact us for more details!