Juice is one of the most popular beverages in the world. They are not only very delicious and thirst-quenching but also very nutritious and rich in vitamins, as well as having beauty and immunity-boosting effects. More and more people like freshly squeezed juices and juice drinks, and the cost of making them is very low, out of raw materials, labor, rent, and about 50%–70% of the profit. This makes juice a great business opportunity, and more and more people are choosing to open a juice kiosk. It only takes a small place, a kiosk, and some equipment to start your business. When you sell fresh juice, you can also sell bubble tea, coffee, cake, and snacks.

Fresh Fruit Juice Kiosk For Mall

Starting a fresh fruit juice kiosk is a popular mall kiosk business idea that many vendors choose. The most popular beverage business in the mall is coffee and juice. Juice kiosks generally include sales counters, work counters, locker doors, sinks, logos, menus, light boxes, and some LED lights. The cashier and ordering areas are generally at the front counter; there are usually menus near the cashier area for customers to order; and the work counter is generally at the back.

juice bar kiosk

Juice Bar Kiosk Materials

What kind of material is best for your business? Different materials can create different effects and also have different lifetimes. Choosing the suitable kiosk material is critical when starting a juice bar.

  • Countertop Stones: Juice display cabinets generally have many machines, need to use water frequently, and are equipped with sinks. Therefore, countertops generally use artificial stone, stainless steel, or hard, waterproof materials.
  • Primary materials: The basic material of the juice kiosk is generally plywood, which is very hard and robust and is very suitable for making food cabinets.
  • Surface material: The surface can use fireproof board, solid wood, or aluminum-plastic board; these are relatively strong and wear-resistant materials.

Benefits of opening a fresh juice smoothie kiosk

Now people pay more and more attention to their health, and more and more people drink juice. Juice is not only delicious but also very nutritious and healthy. Nowadays, most young people like to drink a glass of juice to relieve their stressful lives.

Advantages of opening a fresh juice kiosk?

  • Juice kiosk’s investment is small, but profit revenue is considerable: To open a juice kiosk, you need to rent a stall in the mall and buy some equipment and a kiosk to start your business. The consumption market for fruit juice is comprehensive, and the profit is high. If you also want to start a small business, you can choose to open a juice kiosk, a smoothie bar, or a mobile juice cart.
  • The development prospect of juice kiosks is good: Since the economic situation in other industries is not optimistic, it is wise to choose a juice store rich in nutrients. Its development prospects are excellent.
  • Juice has high sales: The advantages of standard and refined production processes keep juice sales far ahead. The product’s advantages have created the product’s position in the beverage market and attracted more investment franchisees.
  • Healthy drinks have more fans: Juice has its selling point, and unlike other drinks, smoothies will not cause any harm to the human body. On the contrary, the juice smoothie is also rich in various nutrients the human body needs. If you drink other beverages, you may add weight to your body or cause various diseases due to excess calories.

Machines & Equipment For Smoothie Bar

Equipment is essential for a juice bar, and whether you are starting a bubble tea restaurant, opening a juice smoothie kiosk in the mall, or running a fresh fruit juice trailer, you need the suitable machines:

  • Freezer: The freezer is mainly used to freeze some ingredients. Some ingredients must be frozen and added, so a special freezer is required.
  • Refrigerator: Freshly squeezed juice mainly uses fresh fruit and some ingredients such as milk or honey. And you also need to prepare a refrigerated fresh-keeping cabinet.
  • Juicer: A juicer is essential since it produces freshly squeezed juice. Juicers should be prepared from large to small, according to different fruits and needs.
  • Juice blender: Some juices and drinks must be stirred and mixed during production, so a juice blender is also needed.
  • Ice maker: Ice is often used to make juices, and you’ll use an ice maker.
  •  Sealing machine: A sealing machine is a virtual machine for starting a juice business.
  • Other machines: In addition to the above machines, cash registers, water heaters, and water purifiers are also used. If you also sell other beverages, such as milk tea, coffee, smoothies, etc., you will also use some coffee machines, milk tea buckets, pearl pots, smoothie machines, etc.

How to open a juice & bubble tea kiosk in a mall?

1, Looking for a suitable location: The location is significant. A good location and a place with a lot of traffic will also have a higher sales volume. Before opening a juice kiosk, you should do research and find a good location.

2, Create a menu for your business: To expand your business, you can also add milkshakes, milk tea, coffee, lemonade, etc. Regularly exit some featured products and discounts.

3, Develop a business plan: Write a business plan for the juice bar and before opening a juice kiosk, you need a business plan and a good strategy. An effective business plan should include:

  • Competition market research;
  • Prospects of juice business ;
  • Investment and monthly expense forecast;
  • Profitability and Return Calculations;
  • Purchase the necessary equipment;
  • Customize your juice kiosk & bar counters;

A beautiful and functional beverage kiosk can be very helpful to your business. Find a professional manufacturer to help you design and produce this beverage kiosk.

4, Develop a sales strategy: If you want to have a good business, proper sales skills are necessary. A good advertising and promotion strategy will bring you many potential customers.

  • 1) Design a bright, eye-catching logo
  • 2) Put some logos on staff uniforms, cups and counters, and light boxes for publicity
  • 3) Create and promote an Instagram account

MyFoodKiosk is a professional mall kiosk manufacturer that offers customized juice bar counters, juice kiosks, and smoothie kiosks for sale. If you are a new starter and looking for juice stands for your business, You are welcome to contact us.