Materials for making food display cabinets in shopping malls

Shopping mall food display cabinet is an important equipment used to display and sell all kinds of food in shopping malls. Its production requires careful selection of suitable materials. To ensure the quality, appearance and function of the display cabinet. The following details the materials typically required to make a store food display cabinet.


1. cabinet material

1. Stainless Steel
Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, strength and wear resistance, and is one of the common materials for making food display cabinets in shopping malls. It is easy to clean and maintain, and can maintain a good appearance. For example, 304 stainless steel is often used in food contact parts because of its good rust resistance.
1. Advantages: durable, not easy to rust, health and easy to clean.
2. Disadvantages: The cost is relatively high.

2. Wood
Solid wood or artificial panels such as medium density fiberboard (MDF) and particle board can be used to make the cabinet body of the display cabinet. Solid wood gives a natural and upscale feel, while artificial panels cost less and are easy to process.
1. Advantages: can provide warm and natural appearance, good processing performance.
2. Disadvantages: The cost of solid wood is high, and the moisture resistance of artificial plates is relatively poor.

3. Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
FRP has good strength and corrosion resistance, and is relatively light in weight. It can be made in a variety of shapes and colors and is often used in some specially designed display cases.
1. Advantages: diverse shape, corrosion resistance, light weight.
2. Disadvantages: May not be as strong as stainless steel.

2.display surface materials

Reinforced glass or tempered glass is a common choice for display cases. They have high transparency, can clearly display food, and have strong resistance to pressure and impact.
1. Advantages: good transparency, strong safety, easy to clean.
2. For example: Refrigerated display cabinets in shopping malls usually use double-layer hollow tempered glass, which can effectively keep heat and allow customers to clearly see the internal food.

2. Acrylic sheet
Acrylic sheet has good transparency and toughness, lighter than glass, not easy to break.
1. Advantages: light, not easy to break, easy to process.
2. For example, some small food display shelves may use acrylic sheets to make display surfaces to increase their flexibility and safety.

3. lighting materials

1.LED light belt
LED light belt energy saving, long life, uniform light, can provide a good lighting effect for the display cabinet. You can choose different colors and brightness of the LED light strip to highlight the characteristics of the food.
1. Advantages: energy saving and high efficiency, diverse colors, long life.
2. For example, in the bread display cabinet, the use of warm white LED light strips can create a warm atmosphere and make the bread look more attractive.

2. Spot lights
Spotlights can focus the light to highlight a specific food or area in the display cabinet and enhance the display effect.
1. Advantages: outstanding lighting effect, directional lighting.
2. Example: In jewelry display cases, spotlights are often used to highlight the luster and details of jewelry.

4. refrigeration system materials

1. Compressor
The compressor is the core component of the refrigeration system, which is responsible for compressing the refrigerant and achieving the refrigeration cycle. Common compressor types include reciprocating, rotary, and scroll.
1. Advantages: Provide strong cooling capacity.
2. For example, commercial refrigerated display cabinets usually use high-performance scroll compressors to ensure a stable low temperature environment.

2. Condenser
Condensers are used to dissipate the heat released by the refrigerant, and common air-cooled and water-cooled condensers are used.
1. Advantages: effective heat dissipation, ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system.
2. For example, in the refrigeration display cabinets of some large shopping malls, water-cooled condensers may be used to improve heat dissipation efficiency.

5. hardware accessories

1. Hinges
High quality hinges ensure that the display cabinet doors open and close smoothly and can withstand frequent use.
1. Advantages: Ensure the stability and flexibility of the cabinet door.
2. For example: stainless steel hinges are often used for heavy duty display cabinet doors to provide reliable support.

2. Slide rails
For drawer type display cabinets, so that drawers can be smoothly pulled out and pushed.
1. Advantages: easy to operate, reduce wear.
2. For example: In some pastry display cabinets, the drawer design with high-quality slide rails is convenient for customers to choose food.

3.Lock the door
Ensure the safety of food in display cases and prevent unauthorized access.
1. Advantages: Enhance security and protect products.

6. decorative materials

1. Stainless steel decorative strip
It can increase the beauty of the display cabinet and play the role of decorating and protecting the edge of the cabinet.
Advantages: Enhance appearance grade, durable.

2. Wood grain sticker or film
If the cabinet is made of artificial panels, wood grain stickers or film can be used to simulate the appearance of solid wood.
Advantages: low cost, good decorative effect.

7. Electrical materials

1. Wires and cables
Select wires and cables that meet safety standards to ensure the normal operation of the electrical system of the display cabinet.
Advantages: Ensure stable, safe and reliable power transmission.

2. Sockets and switches
Install appropriate sockets and switches to facilitate the connection of the display cabinet to power and control lighting, cooling and other devices.

To sum up, the production of food display cabinets in shopping malls requires comprehensive consideration of the performance, cost and aesthetics of various materials. According to different design requirements and budgets, the right combination of materials can be selected to create a high quality food display cabinet to meet the needs of the market. When selecting materials, be sure to pay attention to quality and safety to ensure the long-term stable operation of the display cabinet and the safe display of food.

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