Most popular KOKEE TEA bubble tea kiosk export to America


Hello everyone ! warn welcome visit our page ,  did you plan start your own food store ? are you still worried can’t find a right manufacturer ? I think this article will give you the answer .  


As a direct supplier, we are mainly dedicated to the design and production of commercial display showcase , such as phone shop furniure , clothes display rack , jewelry display showcase , food counter and more .  today i wanna introduce a popular bubble tea kiosk for your meet , I have to say that this is a very successful case. This guest purchased three sets in a row in a year . Please follow me to learn more details.


1. More introduce about this bubble tea kiosk . 

When you first saw this kiosk , I guess you will be deeply attracted. whole kiosk mainly tone is white and black, very modern and customized , basic material is Plywood, surface is laminate , art glass and acrylic light box . white man made stone worktop , wooden cabinet for storage , A circle of frosted glass baffles decorated with various tea stickers , stianless steel skirting with white led light , very high end and bright . 

  • Item :  bubble tea kiosk .
  • Size : 6000X3000mm .
  • Color : white and black . 
  • Material : plywood , laminate , art glass . acrylic .
  • Design :  3d max and CAD drawings . 
  • Delivery : 20-22 work days .
  • Package :  foam inside + wooden box outside. 
  • Accessories : light box , acrylic logo , sink . 

bubble tea kiosk bubble tea kiosk


2. Some real production photos for your reference .  


bubble tea kiosk
bubble tea kiosk


3 .Material choose : 


Basic material :

MDF with baking painting  : MDF is a good choose for do many different originality plastic art , Its plasticity is stronger, can do very big bend, can realize a lot of modelling adornment . With baking painting finished , it is very smooth and slippery . In addition, the limitation of baking paint is a single solid color, if you want wood grain effect will be difficult to achieve

Plywood with laminate  :  plywood It has high hardness , Not easy to bend . match laminate , Surface can have a lot of choice, can match different wood grain and different colour .


Worktop : 

stainless steel : Stainless steel table is very environmentally friendly, strong hardness, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, never discoloration .

Corian :  Folding resistance, pressure resistance, permeability resistance and other functions, and its wear resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance ability is also very strong. In addition. Artificial stone counter design and color variety is complete, rich, can be formed as a whole, but also repeated grinding innovation . It can be bonded seamlessly at any length without any trace of adhesion . Easy to clean, with a strong anti – fouling force .

Solid wood  :  Solid wood natural antibacterial, more sanitary, service life is very long, easy to cut, suitable for irregular shape of the counter .


4. How can i customized a milkshakes kisk like this one ?  


1. have an ideas for whole shop style and service ,  Make sure there are sufficient Development market and consumer group.

2. Rent a store or a lease in shopping mall , but need sure the location environment , Bustling, with enough people flow . If you have your own storefront, then you can decide all the details on your own. On the contrary, if it is used in the shopping mall, it must meet the criteria of the shopping mall , ( usually mall criteria mainly for material, height and electrical wire safety , if your design team enough professional and experience , it’s Easy to approve).

3 . Find a direct supplier make a 3d design and drawings .  — as a direct supplier, before desiging we will confirmed the shop layout , style , color match , material request etc . also can give you some professional advice . then we will start design and put all of your ideas on it . confirmed the design and start make drawings .( you can see all details here , with each part size material and surface finished details ,will according to the drawins production ) .

4. Install whole shop and start operating , You can hire several people help you if the shop enough big  . 


Thanks for your time and reading , if  you need more further info about this bubble tea kiosk , pls feel free to contact us , thank you  !  


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