Outdoor food business for investment in summer

With the coming of summer, the temperature gradually rises. People are also spending more time outdoors. This presents a huge business opportunity for the outdoor food market. In such a season of vitality and opportunity. Investors can consider the following outdoor food businesses to meet the needs of consumers.

1.Outdoor cold drink stand

In the hot summer, a cool drink can bring people endless comfort. Therefore, opening an outdoor cold drink stand is a good choice. Investors can choose to set up stalls in commercial areas, tourist attractions or parks with large traffic. Provide a wide range of cold drinks, such as iced drinks, juice, milk tea, ice cream, etc.


  1. Advantages and benefits of entrepreneurship
  • Low investment threshold: Compared with other catering projects, the investment threshold of outdoor cold beverage stands is relatively low. No need for expensive store rent and renovation costs. Just buy some basic cold drink equipment and raw materials, you can easily open a shop.
  • Easy to use: the production of cold drinks is relatively simple, only need to master the basic production skills, you can quickly get started. With the advancement of technology, there are now many intelligent cold drink equipment, which further reduces the difficulty of operation.
  • Flexible operation: The outdoor cold drink stand operates in a very flexible manner. The operation time and location can be adjusted according to the change of the traffic. It can even be combined with online platforms for take-out delivery to achieve multi-channel profitability.
  • Short return cycle: Since the sales season of cold drinks is mainly concentrated in the summer, the investment return cycle is relatively short. As long as the site is properly located and well-managed, it will soon be profitable.
  1. Successful business strategy
  • Accurate location selection: Location selection is the key to a successful outdoor cold drink stand. Try to choose a large flow of people, strong spending power of the lot. At the same time, consider the distribution of competitors and avoid opening stores in areas that are too dense.
  • Focus on quality and taste: Quality is the key to attract customers. When purchasing raw materials, choose fresh and healthy ingredients to ensure the taste and quality of cold drinks. At the same time, we must continue to innovate products to meet the diversified needs of consumers.
  • Create a comfortable consumption environment: although the outdoor cold drink stall is mainly convenient and fast, it is also necessary to pay attention to the consumption experience of consumers. We can create a comfortable consumption environment for consumers by building awnings and providing seats.

2.outdoor barbecue stalls

Barbecue is the perfect choice for outdoor dinners in summer. Open an outdoor barbecue stand. Offering a variety of skewers, grilled fish, grilled vegetables and other delicacies, can attract a large number of diners. In the early evening, add some outdoor music to create a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Let customers enjoy the food at the same time, but also feel the comfort of summer.

  1. Market potential
  • Healthy eating trend: With the increase of people’s health awareness, the demand for barbecue food is increasing. Investors can choose to provide healthy, environmentally friendly barbecue ingredients and cooking methods. To meet consumer demand.
  • Social needs: Barbecue, as a way to socialize, is loved by consumers. Open outdoor barbecue stalls can not only meet the appetite of consumers. It also gives them a place to spend quality time with friends and family.
  1. Successful business strategy
  • Diversified products: Provide a variety of barbecue products to meet the tastes of different consumers. At the same time, focus on product innovation and research and development, the launch of barbecue food with characteristics.
  • Create a unique atmosphere: Put great effort into the arrangement and decoration of the barbecue stall to create a unique atmosphere. For example, you can build a characteristic sunshade, put comfortable seats and lighting equipment. Let customers enjoy the food at the same time, but also feel the pleasant atmosphere.

3.outdoor leisure snacks

Casual snacks are also an indispensable part of outdoor activities. Investors can choose to provide healthy, delicious casual snacks such as raisins, almonds, cashews, etc. These snacks are not only delicious but also nutritious. And easy to carry and eat, very suitable for outdoor people.

  1. Market demand
  • Increased outdoor activities: With the arrival of summer, people’s outdoor activities become more frequent. This has brought huge business opportunities to the casual snack market.
  • Healthy eating trends: Increasing consumer demand for healthy, nutritious foods. Providing healthy, tasty casual snacks can meet this need.
  1. Successful business strategy
  • Focus on product quality: choose high quality raw materials and production process to ensure product quality and taste. At the same time, we pay attention to the packaging and appearance design of products to improve the added value of products.
  • Expand sales channels: in addition to the traditional physical store sales. It can also be sold online through e-commerce platforms, social media and other channels. Expand sales channels and enhance brand awareness.

To sum up, summer is a golden time for the outdoor food market. Investors can choose the right outdoor food business to invest according to market demand and their own conditions. The success of these outdoor food businesses through strategies such as precise location, focus on quality and taste, and creating a comfortable consumer environment will pay off handsomely.

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