Outdoor Ice Cream Kiosk

outdoor ice cream kioskOutdoor ice cream kiosk is one of the most popular business in the food industry. They can be seen any unobstructed outdoors, such as on the sides of heavy traffic roads, park entrances, outside shopping malls, beaches, even resort areas, etc. outdoor ice cream kiosks can sell frozen yogurt, smoothie, roll-up ice cream, Italian ice cream, juices and drinks, and so on. With the development of science and technology, the shape of ice cream design has also become unique, such as adding ice cream decoration and so on. You can even combine your own ideas to make your ice cream shop stand out. The creative ice cream booth decoration is conducive to shaping the corporate image and is impressive. No matter when you need an outside mall kiosk, you can purchase a wonderful outdoor ice cream kiosk here!

Outdoor ice cream stands seem to be every entrepreneur’s idea. If you plan to start with an ice cream stand outside the mall, finding a good place is very important. Wherever your booth is or what size it is, a custom outdoor ice cream kiosk can bring you more business.

What is the outdoor mall kiosk include?

Everyone outdoor ice cream stall has a roof, floor, entrance door, sales window, and inside counters. It’s a well-completed outdoor stand that can use directly. Wires, lighting and sockets and water sink, and business logos were installed well for convenient usage. Besides, the cream booth design also has a brand logo, menu, posters, and even a TV player. We can also reserve enough space for necessary equipment.

Popular sizes of an outside mall kiosks

  • 3m by 2m. Most shopping mall allows an outdoor food booth a size 3m by 2m, or we can say 10ft by 7ft. That’s the standard size for most outdoor food stands. For shopping malls, outdoor kiosks will not easily block the line of sight and will not occupy the position of the aisle. Because this size is good for running a business, it can accommodate 1-2 employees working at the same time.
  • 4m by 2m. 4m by 2m and 5m by 2m are larger sizes for outdoor fast-food kiosks. They allow 3-5 workers to work together. As the outdoor food booth width is within 2.2m, it can produce as a whole. That is convenient for use and no need for installation when receiving the kiosk.
  • Customize sizes. However, for customized sizes such as 4m by 3m, the kiosk needs to be divided into 2-4 parts. Each part can be individually packaged to fit the container size for easy delivery. It is important to rent a suitable location before starting an outdoor kiosk.

Outdoor fast food kiosk designoutdoor juice kiosk

Layout design

Think about the outdoor mall booth layout of counters before starting the design. Making a layout plan helps you arrange the counters and everything in the suitable location of the fast-food kiosk.

Counter design

The outdoor fast-food kiosk is custom-made for unique businesses. Most of the cabinets will be decorated with 2-3 different colors, which are in line with the theme of the store and will not make people feel monotonous

Wall Design

The wall design of the outdoor kiosk ice cream cabinet is also very important. The outdoor wall usually has design posters, logos, and corporate culture posters. The colors are mainly bright colors that highlight the theme, which is very eye-catching. The interior wall can add wallpaper design, and even add posters and menus so that guests can deepen their impression of you when ordering.

Lighting Design

All outdoor food booth design has ceiling light. It is not only used for lighting but also a good decoration. And you can also add extra lighting outside to make your outdoor food stall brighter, especially at night.

Choose Outdoor Ice Cream Stall from MyFoodKiosk

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