Lots of Park Pavilion Kiosks are found when you go to the park to play. They can be used for different businesses; you can sell food, drinks, snacks, and some other products that may be used, such as kites, toys, floor mats, etc. The traffic in the park is very large, and the transportation is convenient, so it is a very good place to do business. Now more and more people choose to open kiosks instead of malls. On the one hand, the rent for the mall is very high, and the review process is very slow and complicated. On the other hand, the flow of people in the mall is unstable.

Outdoor park kiosk types

  • Outdoor food kiosk
  • Outdoor retail kiosk
  • Self-service kiosk
  • Street food trailer|truck
  • Mobile food cart

Benefits of Park Pavilion Kiosk

Outdoor park kiosks are usually located in busy streets, parks, and playgrounds. Outdoor kiosks can be used for many businesses. Outdoor park kiosks can be made of different materials, but all materials need to be weather-proof, water-proof, and very durable. What are the benefits of park kiosks?

  • Cost efficient

food booth What prevents many people from starting a food business is the high cost. If you open a food store or food kiosk, you will not only have to pay expensive rent, but also renovation costs. Outdoor food kiosk only needs to occupy a very small space, and the rent is very low.

  • Flexible business hours

Compared with shopping malls, outdoor business hours are more flexible. The mall opens late and closes early, while outdoors you can open late, and when there is less traffic, you can choose to close to do other businesses.

  • Quick payback

The park is very crowded, so it’s very easy for you to sell. You can get your money back quickly. When choosing products, you can choose what people need most, such as snacks, drinks, toys, and so on.

Park trailhead kiosk

  • Processing and production process:
  1. The surface is treated with a special process of galvanized sheet sprayed with fluorocarbon paint, which is simple and elegant.
  2. The main keel is welded to a 100*100mm stainless steel column, which is exquisitely made and durable.
  3. All lines are concealed, with luxurious interior decoration and complete supporting facilities.
  4. The floor adopts a non-slip aluminum floor, which is fireproof and safe.
  • Material description of each part:

1: Support column: welded with a 100*100mm stainless steel column.

2: Frame: welded with stainless steel and galvanized material.

3: Wall: composed of tempered glass, stainless steel columns, and square tube shutters.

4: Configuration: electric control box, grille light, switch, and workbench

How to start park outdoor retail kiosk business?

Before opening an outdoor retail kiosk, you need to make enough preparations. You need to take these steps into consideration.

  • Decide sell what products

First of all, you need to investigate the preferences and spending power of the target audience. Products are selected according to the needs of customers so that they will be popular with them.

  • Obtain the required licenses

You need to obtain the appropriate licenses, such as business licenses, health licenses, etc., before opening your business.

  • Customize your outdoor park kiosk

If you want to start a food business, you need to find a good manufacturer to help you build and customize this kiosk. It needs to be strong enough to withstand harsh conditions, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

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