Pizza Trailer

Pizza trailers are mobile food trucks that are intended for outdoor usage. They have the same look as the car, and you can decorate the exterior to the color you want. It comes with a cab, steering wheel, wheels, engine, and wheels. So you can drive them anywhere to start your business. Food trucks are also a novel experience for customers. They can buy pizza and other consignment food and beverages from any convenient location. A pizza trailer has been a good business idea in recent years. Whether you are starting a business for the first time or as a leisure business, the mobile food cart is a nice option. Start the food shop at the planned location, and come back when you’re done. You have plenty of time to prepare adequate food and store it. If you are looking for pizza trailers, browse our products and choose the style you want. Of course, you can also customize the mobile food truck to make it more unique and more convenient to use.

As an outdoor food shop, the pizza trailer features stainless steel worktops, a full interior pizza prep station, locations for refrigeration and pizza-making equipment, energy supply equipment, storage cabinets, and stainless steel sinks. Vendors at the desk set up an 8-foot retractable canopy for comfort in any climate. The pizza truck has a lighting system to light up your store and create a warm, bright atmosphere. Pizza trailers also have logos, posters, and menus for customers to buy food from. At the same time, you can also use it as a food concession shop, ice cream trailer, coffee trailer, etc. You can sell different kinds of food at the same time to get more customers.

What is included in a pizza trailer

1. Stainless steel trailer with wheels

The pizza trailer has a sturdy exterior because it needs to withstand the tough weather. No matter how bad the weather, it can ensure normal business activities and provide shelter for businesses. The main material of the mobile pizza truck is steel and iron, which have the characteristics of strong weighing capacity, sturdy durability, anti-sleep and sun protection, windproofness, safety, and so on. You can also decorate and accentuate your pizza business with different colors. At the same time, the mobile pizza cart has a curved body with a closable sales window. You can even add extra plates to the sales counter for temporary food storage and customer convenience.

sweet food cart2. Service counter inside

The service counter is made of stainless steel in a silver color, which highly matches the shop’s pizza trailer. And the stainless steel is strong and durable, which is convenient for making pizza and other foods. 304# also meets the standards of the food safety department, which helps you start a smooth business.

3. Custom Hand Wash Sink

Mobile food kiosks usually start business activities in different places. Sometimes it is very far from the water source. We need to consider the water source, and having a sink with a water system in the dining car is a must. You can even customize the three-compartment sink.

4. Sockets and Electricity

We should install sockets in a suitable location where it is convenient to use the equipment. We will install wires and electronic boxes in advance. No matter which country you are from or what voltage you use, we can make it good for you to use. And everything passes the test before shipping out to you.

Time to customize food trailer

No matter when you’re ready to open, plan. Because it takes time to determine the style and shape of the food trailer. If your opinion is not clear, we also need to adjust the design to ensure that you get the perfect food concession trailer. After confirming all the details, we need to proceed to the next step of production and assembly. It takes 28–32 working days to make a mobile food shop. If you have a style that you have made, please send it to us to calculate the price, which can save time for the next step.

About MyFoodKiosk Ltd.

Our company is specialized in producing outdoor kiosks; our products include outdoor food kiosks, mobile food trailers, outdoor retail kiosks, etc. No matter what kind of food you sell, you can find the perfect outdoor trailer to start the business. Our company has a professional design team and construction team, and pizza trailers are produced strictly according to the drawings confirmed by customers. And we have a QC department to grasp the quality and details to ensure that all food trailers work properly. Contact us for more ideas.