Popular Attractive Natural frozen yogurt kiosk for shopping mall


Hello everyone , warm welcome visit our page . Are you plan start a food kiosk in shopping mall ? are you still looking for a special design ? i think you’re right find us here . we are a direct manufacturer mainly do customized have more than eight years experience . the below is a Natutal frozen yogurt kiosk review , hope is helpful for your business . 


1. pls allow me introduce more details about this frozen yogurt kiosk for your review . 


As you see this frozen yogurt kiosk , is very fashionable and graceful , whole tone is elegance white match a little blue . i like this style very much . how about you ? 

Whole kiosk basic material choose fire retardant MDF , whole surface with wooden strip decoration ,2PAC paint finished , Very smooth and high-end , you can see the kiosk surface use many blue letter in light , is very nice , whole kiosk with many blue and white led light strip , is very bright . 

frozen yogurt kiosk frozen yogurt kiosk


2. Some real production photos for your reference : 

frozen yogurt kiosk frozen yogurt kiosk



3.how can i build a special frozen yogurt kiosk like this ?  


As you know we are a direct factory  mainly do customized , so ,all of anything about this kiosk can customized for you , so , before build this kiosk, we wil confirmed the below information . 


Size :

such as this kiosk size is  3.5mby 3m , But this is not a uniform standard , it depend on your location space size .Even if your position is an irregular space, we can customize a comfortable kiosk for you .

Color :

  • 1) any color is ok.  we also can help you suggest , usually white is a good choose , if you want selling juice , ice cream , you can try choise bright color , if whole kiosk for selling coffee , brown and wood grain will be looks better .
  •  2) can make whole kiosk matched with your logo color.

Material :

  • 1) MDF with 2PAC paint . The cabinets in this process are smooth, shiny, high-end and textured , at the same time , if whole kiosk with many special shape , we suggest choose this type . ( such as strip shape, arc angle)
  • 2) plywood for basic material , surface is laminate finished . whole kiosk will be more waterproof , High surface hardness, not easy to scratch.But the only drawback is that there are gaps in the surface. 

Countertop :  

  • 1) stainless steel . many client like using stainless steel for the countertop. It’s easy to clean .
  •  2) corian . i think choose corian for countertop is better , Stone hardness is very high , Very high-end and healthy . the stone color is many , you will have more choose to make it match whole kiosk . 




Thanks for your time and reading , if you need more further info or interested build a mall frozen yogurt kiosk like this one , pls feel free to contact us , thank you !  


  • Whatsapp : +86 18665358507 
  • Email : sales01@uniquekiosk.com


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